Harvey Weinstein Was Taken to the Hospital After Guilty Verdict

Hours after a jury found film producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of two of the five charges against him,  he was taken to the hospital

Photo: Unsplash/@ansleycreative

Photo: Unsplash/@ansleycreative

Hours after a jury found film producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of two of the five charges against him,  he was taken to the hospital. According to various news reports, police officers had intended to transport Weinstein to prison on Rikers Island after his guilty verdict. However, the disgraced producer complained of chest pains. Officers rerouted their trip and instead headed to Bellevue Hospital, where Weinstein was admitted for his health concerns. 

Donna Rotunno, Weinstein’s attorney, told NBC News that her client was at Bellevue Hospital “under observation for high blood pressure and heart palpitations.” The network did not report if Weinstein remained there overnight, or if he was taken to Rikers. 

Yesterday morning after a two-month trial, a Manhattan jury found Weinstein guilty of a first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape. He was found not guilty in three other more severe charges. While he is facing 29 years in prison in Manhattan, Weinstein is still facing additional charges in Los Angeles and possibly another trial on the West Coast. 

While Weinstein was arrested in 2018, his legal proceedings didn’t begin until late last year. After that, the case moved along rather quickly. Weinstein had been seen sporadically around Manhattan before his trial and appeared to be in good spirits. However, when the trial did begin, Weinstein appeared to struggle healthwise. Each of Weinstein’s appearances in court included the former film mogul walking with the aid of a walker. 


Lawyers for the 67-year-old said his health was deteriorating after he was involved in a car crash last year in August. But some critiques said he was faking it and that his credibility was shot because of the multiple allegations against him. 

“As the pain got worse and the various different courses of treatment failed to remedy the problem, he began to rely on a cane and a walker,” Rotunno said last year in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Friday [December 6], he did not want to appear in court using the assistance of those, for fear of exactly what some media turned it into, so we told him to just use the walker on Wednesday.”


Officials have said that Weinstein will be getting medical care at any prison that he ends up. People on social media speculated that Weinstein’s detour from jail was just his way of delaying the inevitable. 

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