5 Practical Limpias and Ways to Keep Good Energy in Your Home

Erika Buenaflor is a modern-day curandera who utilizes her vast experience in curanderismo, and knowledge of ancient Mesoamerican shamanism to reveal how this sacred wisdom can help people heal holistically

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Erika Buenaflor is a modern-day curandera who utilizes her vast experience in curanderismo, and knowledge of ancient Mesoamerican shamanism to reveal how this sacred wisdom can help people heal holistically. She’s published several books on curanderismo and is the founder of Realize Your Bliss.

Have you ever walked into a living or office space that made you feel tired, drained, irritated, or just made you want to immediately run out? Hopefully, this isn’t your living or office space, or doesn’t become one of your spaces, yikes! Don’t worry. These five space limpias naturally recycle any toxic or heavy energies in living and office spaces, and are very cost-effective and incredibly easy to do.

Limpias are the most common cleansing rites used in ancestral Latinx healing practices because of their high utility. They clear, heal, revitalize, and strengthen the mind, body, spirit, and spaces. Providing limpias for our spaces come from the wise understanding that when we take care of our living spaces, they take care of us; providing energetically healthy spaces to think clearly, feel rejuvenated, get a great night’s sleep, and uplift us. These limpias will have your living or office space feel like your sanctuary.


Clean, Declutter, and Let Light in

Before you start cleansing your living or office spaces, make sure you take time to clean and organize these spaces. If your physical spaces are messy and unorganized, the energy of this physical reality will quickly trump the work to cleanse the space energetically.

Make sure you spend time decluttering these spaces. Recycle and organize documents, and place them in visually appealing organizers. Get rid of broken furniture. Make sure that it’s easy to enter the spaces and walk around. When cleaning your spaces, consider including concentrated teas of lemon or orange blossoms, lemongrass, peppermint, and/or rosemary in your cleaning solutions to clean and cleanse these spaces at the same time.

For a 32 fl. oz cleaner (adjust as needed):
Boil ¼ cup of tea with a handful of any of the herbs or blossoms
Let it steep and cool for 8 mins
Place in your cleaning solution
For a 5-gallon bucket (adjust as needed):
Boil 2 cups of tea with a handful of any of the herbs or blossoms
Let it steep and cool for 8 mins
Place in your cleaning solution
These herbal or blossom infusions will clean your counters and floors and have them feel lighter and renewed.

After cleaning, if possible, let in natural light through the windows to give your space an additional lightness.


Bells and Florida Water

What if your living or office space already feels heavy, stale, or possibly toxic?

Hopefully, this is not the case. But, don’t worry I have a limpia solution that will clear out any unwanted energies. You will need a bell, drum, or a pot and spatula. The heavier the energies, the louder the sound should be. If, however you are unable to make any loud noises at your office, you will have to do this with a softer bell on a weekly basis, until the energy of the space feels peaceful.

If you are doing this for your house, open all the windows. If you are only doing this for your office or a bedroom, then open the windows in this space. Go to the four corners of the room move clockwise in a spiral to the middle of the room, while banging a drum, pot with a spatula, or a bell.

Thereafter, spray the space with Florida water. Florida water is a cleansing water that contains alcohol, aromatic cleansing flowers, herbs, and/or spices. It can be bought at metaphysical stories or pharmacies that have an ethnic section, or you can make it.


Infuser with Florida water and an Essential Oil

Having an oil diffuser is also incredible way to maintain the health of your living and office spaces. This space limpia however includes placing Florida water in your oil diffuser instead of simply water and a real essential oil rather than a synthetic oil.

In the container you normally fill with water, fill it halfway with water and the other half with Florida water. The Florida water combined with your essential oil will help to recycle the energy in the room you have your oil diffuser running. As instructed by most diffusers, you only to put two to three drops of the essential oil.

All natural essential oils have cleansing properties, and here are a few additional oils that are very common and accessible:

ylang ylang: anti-anxiety, inspires peace and creativity, anti-stress
rose: uplifting, purifying, anti-anxiety, anti-stress
lavender: inspires peace and serenity, anti-anxiety, anti-stress
mint: promotes concentration and clarity, uplifting, anti-stress



Crystals are also a wonderful way to naturally recycle unwanted energies and keep our living and office spaces feel welcoming, peaceful, and ideal to rest or be productive.

Place crystals at the four corners of a room, on windowsills (this will allow them to also recharge with the sun), by doors, and common areas. Consider cleansing them periodically, possibly every one to three months, depending on how calm or chaotic your spaces have been. An easy way to cleanse them is by placing them in a 5-gallon bucket of water with a cup of sea salt, and then laying them out to get some sunlight for a day.

All crystals have their own unique gifts and here are some of their gifts as they relate to their color and how they affect living and office spaces:

White and clear stones purify spaces
Black stones seal the cleaning and cleansing of spaces
Red stones raise energy and productivity
Pink stones induce calmness
Orange stones move, release, and balance energies
Yellow stones reduce tension
Blue and green stones promote balance and peace
Indigo and Violet stones enhance the potential for creativity and awareness



Plants are a wonderful way to naturally clear and recycle energies continuously, and here are other recommendations for their placement: Succulents and cacti are much stronger at helping to absorb and recycle dense energies. Place them at doors and common areas, especially if you share a living space with others and there are heavier unwanted energies.

Snapdragons are wonderful to absorb energies of envy and gossip. Plant them in the yard, have them in a pot at the main door or in your room to cleanse you and your space of these energies.
Roses are powerhouses at not only absorbing and recycling energies, but also purifying the energy of spaces. Place them in common areas to purify shared common spaces.
Spider plants are always wonderful at keeping the energy light, clear, and recycling unwanted energies. Place them in office spaces to help you concentrate.
Pothos (aka devil’s ivy): are incredibly strong and excellent for ensuring clean-clear energy for healing and calmness. Place them in common areas and your bedrooms to help with calmness, while you are relaxing and sleeping.

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