Photo: Unsplash/@asb_photographe

Healthy Peruvian Triple Sandwich Recipe

My favorite healthy and budget-friendly snacks to carry with me when I travel include any of the following: fresh fruit (especially the ones that don’t involve cutting and arranging beforehand, such as apples, tangerines, blueberries, and bananas; fresh fruit that does include a little peeling, cutting, and placing in containers, like cubed pineapple, melon, watermelon, or orange slices; dried fruits and nuts; organic, dark, raw chocolate; naturally sweetened treats like these coconut macaroons; hearty quinoa salads with all kinds of chopped veggies and sprouted beans mixed into them; and of course, wraps or sandwiches, the ultimate on-the-go meal.  And of all sandwiches in the world, the Peruvian triple is by far my favorite. When you try it you will understand why. The egg, tomato, and avocado combination works synergistically and creates magic. The original version is made with mayo, but I use hummus simply because I love it and always have some in my fridge. You can also skip the bread if you prefer to go gluten-free, and wrap all the ingredients in a brown rice tortilla or a few large lettuce leaves.

Happy, healthy, and safe travels!