HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Know for the Week of October 15

The universe has a great handle on when it’s pushing all of us a little to close to the edge

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

The universe has a great handle on when it’s pushing all of us a little to close to the edge. I’d be surprised if a new meme didn’t take over the internet this week; a new “distracted boyfriend” craze … but even better. We’re all just hard up for a laugh and a break this week, and luckily the skies are hearing our requests. Take advantage of the week that’s asking only for your patience and smiles, and see where you can create some space to just let go.


You’ve got them extra bruja vibes this week, thanks to the trine energy of the moon and Pluto. It’s nothing to be afraid of — when the moon supports one of our ruling planets like this, it’s the perfect time for us to realize just how powerful and wise we really are. Let yourself feel all the emotions deeply and release the pains that keep holding you. Follow your intuitions, and trust your instincts this week, and let yourself transform. With Saturn on the horizon to square Mars in the coming weeks, it’s the perfect time for you to grow confident in who you really are.  



Now that Mars is done blowing things up in your chart (for better and for worse), you’re getting a planetary vacation this week. Take stock of where you’ve come, and the hard decisions you’ve made this year. There’s an overwhelming sense that this is an important time for you to consider rest and self-care. And maybe just a tad bit of laziness too. Everyone needs to take a break sometimes. No time like the present, when it comes to a Taurus.



You can tip your hat to Jupiter this week for the extra bounce in your step. Where others may find it difficult to communicate their ideas or put themselves out there, you’ll find the world tripping over its feet to open the door for you, give you a free latté, or maybe even the lead on a new project in the office. The key to making the most of such good fortune has everything to do with these two golden words: Thank you. Say it often and watch the blessings continue to multiply this week.



The middle of the week can be a time for you to meet yourself in a new way. It’s almost as if you intuitively know who you are and what’s missing, but you haven’t given yourself the time to find true ownership of that intimate message. This week, the universe is giving you a moment to pause mid-week, and review what’s been hurting your vision for yourself and what you can still do to push things forward. Find a journal and dive into yourself right now. Find the real you.



With the sun and Uranus directly square each other, you can expect some gentle tweaks and changes are coming this week. If you begin to see your plans start to unwind themselves, or a realization helps you realize something can be different — try to go with the current. This influence, though strong, should be gently supported by the other planets around your chart now. Whatever comes up is definitely in your wheelhouse to handle, and you might just go through the incident quite quickly. In the end… you’ll be fine.



You’ve got the Holyfield / Tyson / William’s Sister combo of planets fighting for your voice to be heard this week. Thank Jupiter for entering center stage and Uranus for exiting her fickle ass stage left. The two should be creating a week of magic where anything can and will happen… all of which should work towards for your benefit. The only thing you can do to screw this up is to get in your head about what’s happening right now. Take things at face value, and try not to second guess your gut instincts.



If it’s your birthday week (or close to it) then you should know that the universe has planned a very special surprise for you — there is practically zero drama happening in your ruling planet’s chart this week! And when Venus goes on a vacation like this, you better pack your bags and travel right behind it. This is the perfect time for you to relax, enjoy life, and just have a great time with friends and loved ones. Book a moment to recuperate — and if it’s at a spa or by the beach, even better. Everyone needs a moment to sit back, relax and look at the bright side of life. Right now is your time. Enjoy!



Without much happening in the skies except for a rendezvous with the Moon mid-week, I’d say you’re going to have the perfect week for diving into your own feelings and creating magic the way you’d like to see it. You know — be the own boss of your life. Take the trine energy of the Moon and Pluto to sift through some things in your heart. Feel the truth of your needs, and poke around your spirit to understand the speed of your life — the themes you’ve been attached to that might be more harmful than good. Don’t be afraid to let go and start over again.  


You got that sunshine in your pocket, and that good soul in your feet. You’re practically a walking Justin Timberlake song this week, and it’s long overdue. The sooner you can realize what’s in and out of your control this week, the quicker you’ll start to feel a sense of control again. Which is good timing, because Mercury is working extra hard this week to float important conversations, new opportunities and fresh ideas your way. Keep a notebook handy for good ideas — they are coming.


With a plate as full as yours it’s a bit hard to imagine having room for one more opportunity — but with a work ethic likes yours, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a way to keep all the balls in the air. Especially since you’re going to feel some key planets that have been keeping things tense for you finally make their way far from your ruling planet. So you can expect a sense of ease to return this week, as well as a sense of your old, humorous self. Where it applies, try to make good use of your hearty laugh. It will be healing for your work-hard soul.


The universe is pretty good at harmlessly checking us when we’ve stepped over a boundary. This week you might get a gentle correction to an idea or plan you have — try to trust that it’s really for the best. The sun is opposite Uranus right now, making me suspect that you might fight this change or explode at the thought of changing your course. Let’s just save you the headache and leave the drama to Shonda Rhimes. Better things are coming; try to just laugh it off and move on to something sweeter.



With the bulk of the summer’s drama behind you, this week is the perfect week to start planning ahead for the winter. You’re likely to experience a clarity that hasn’t been available to you in months, helping you feel a lot like your old self. Take stock of the craziness of your year, and try to get your ducks in a row. If you haven’t updated your resume, try giving that some time this week. Maybe schedule a lunch with an old coworker, or two. Now is a really good time to connect back to the narrative of your own story that you’re most proud of. And start brainstorming your comeback from all this craziness that’s been hovering around you.

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