HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Know for the Week of October 15

The universe has a great handle on when it’s pushing all of us a little to close to the edge. I’d be surprised if a new meme didn’t take over the internet this week; a new “distracted boyfriend” craze … but even better. We’re all just hard up for a laugh and a break this week, and luckily the skies are hearing our requests. Take advantage of the week that’s asking only for your patience and smiles, and see where you can create some space to just let go.


You’ve got them extra bruja vibes this week, thanks to the trine energy of the moon and Pluto. It’s nothing to be afraid of — when the moon supports one of our ruling planets like this, it’s the perfect time for us to realize just how powerful and wise we really are. Let yourself feel all the emotions deeply and release the pains that keep holding you. Follow your intuitions, and trust your instincts this week, and let yourself transform. With Saturn on the horizon to square Mars in the coming weeks, it’s the perfect time for you to grow confident in who you really are.  

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