HipLatina Horoscope: Everything You Need to Know to Get You Through the Week of September 10

Sometimes the universe brings us through trials that we do not understand. Things that were once in our control just seem to slip away without much warning. This week, the stars have a particularly interesting message when it comes to life’s hardest challenges… go slow, stay calm, and be kind. With the combination of the three, you’ll usually find a way to make it through the best of times and the worst. See how it all plays out below.


There’s still a sense of emotional spiraling happening in your charts this week. The tango between your ruling planet Mars and Mercury keeps you front and center once again this week, with extra pressure on your sixth house of responsibilities and services. With the moon squaring with Mars earlier in the week, whatever conversation you’re in has a real chance of getting a bit dramatic!  Try to keep your emotions in check. Maybe go in with a strategy that not everyone’s emotions last forever, and see if there’s any way to outsmart the issue — rather than constantly beating it into submission. This week, work smarter — not harder.




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