HipLatina Horoscopes: We Got You Covered for the Week of August 13th

Sometimes Mercury Retrograde can bring a whole world of gloom and cracked iPhone screen doom

Photo: Unsplash/@noahsilliman

Photo: Unsplash/@noahsilliman

Sometimes Mercury Retrograde can bring a whole world of gloom and cracked iPhone screen doom. But this summer we are seeing a different kind of retrograde. One that not only wants us to take a minute to slow down and tighten up our next steps; it also wants you to enjoy the Leo Season and have a damn good time. It’s going to be a great week – see below!

You can thank Jupiter for the acute clarity you’re experiencing right now. Something you’ve been trying to figure out for a while is about to get a huge boost this week from this planet trine your ruling Mars. Now is a good time to throw aside what society thinks you should do, and bring your own feelings out into the forefront. Express yourself.

There may be a bit of discomfort around the topics of love and money this week. It’s not a crisis, but an annoyance rather of silly misunderstandings or pennies misplaced. This week the universe asks you to get a bit of a sense of humor. Nothing is as serious or permanent as it feels.
While your ruling planet might be in retrograde, this week isn’t going to feel much like your being held back. In fact, you might find new ideas and visions for your life and health stirring in your mind this week. Your biggest obstacle will be what to make of these new desires. Might I suggest you do nothing, yet. Just daydream and jot down your inspirations. It will be very valuable later on.

You know you don’t have to be perfect, right? That it’s more important to be authentic and genuine than it is to be flawless? If you are still struggling with the concept, this week the skies are going to help you. Nothing dramatic, but Neptune, Saturn, and the Sun are all working to show you that you can be exactly who you are and still be loved. Try to find the space to be vulnerable this week, and you’ll find this planetary experiment kinda fun.

The Leo season continues to reign this week, but comes with a little twist. Have you been having the best time this summer? Getting social and pushing your dreams to the next level? Awesome. Now the skies want you to take a moment to really process your blessings. If you feel the energy slow down this week, it’s only for you to catch your breath, take a break and insert some gratitude for how awesome life can be. You can thank Saturn for the spiritual hook up.
Someone owes you a forthright answer this week, and it’s going to be hard not to push for that reply. But this week, you can thank Neptune and Pluto for this sudden, driven clarity you have about this issue. Which really is to say you should thank them for making you FEEL confident that you are in the right. But your situation warrants a bit more patience from you too. In other words, give this situation more time to come around. Even if you feel like you’re in the right.
You’re going to feel the pull this week to either squeeze one more fun time out of summer, or get your head in the game around office affairs. And while there’s no reason you couldn’t work hard and play hard too, your finances might be asking that you show a little restraint this week. Maybe packing your lunches and finding good happy hour deals might be your best bet.
It’s almost as if the Universe is conspiring to give your big idea a massive push out into the open this week. Rise to the opportunity. You see things much clearer than you have before and the steps that come to mind are just the right ones you need to take right now. Trust your gut.
If it feels like you can’t get another step forward this week, you aren’t crazy. Your ruling planet is just busy squaring off with some of the most energetically charged planets in the cosmos right now. But this is all for your benefit. The universe wants to show you how to improve in a gentle, almost private way this week. Look for the lessons, and you will find great joy this week.
You are in the right place at the right time this week. All the hard work you’ve been putting into your career and life paths are going to receive an early harvest under the planetary alignments this week. Please believe this is actually happening to you, or else you’ll miss this experience.
This week has the bolt of energy you’ve been looking for to push your agenda along. It’s almost as if the stop and go energy you’ve been experiencing this summer will finally be cut free, and your manifesting energy can make miracles happen now. How do you best use this energy? Get to work like everything is going to pan out. Live on faith this week.
This is not the week to push the go-button – not because anything bad will happen – you just might not know which go-button to push. Neptune is doing a tango with Mercury right now that is bound to leave you feeling both motivated and hesitant. Just try to slow down your thoughts and follow your heart. Careful and intimate conversations are the way to figure out your next steps this week.

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