HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Know for the Week of October 20

While every new moon is a chance to turn things around, this week’s forecast might be a bit challenging to some of your latest ambitions. The new moon in Libra, spreading an even, positive vibe throughout the atmosphere, and making it a great time to enjoy the best things life has to offer. However, Uranus’s disruptive position to the moon could very well make this the week of breakups, heartaches and missed opportunities. Peep your chart below to get the full skinny!


Venus is square Pluto, making this an intense week for your relationships. Anything that feels like a tight squeeze, manipulation or jealousy should step into the light and make itself known now. Try not to let this influence or that of Uranus push you into a corner; speak your truth with patience now and let transformation happen. Fix what’s fixable and release the garbage. New relationships and infatuations are also possible at this time, so if you swipe someone who seems too good to be true this week, try to take things a little slower than usual.  

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