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5 Latinx Content Creators to Keep You Entertained on YouTube

Latinx creators are absolutely killing it! Two years ago, none of the top creators on this list had crossed the 100,000 subscriber milestone but all have shown fast growth in YouTube subscribers. These creators have dominated the comedy, beauty, and vlogging landscapes, gaining hundreds of thousands or, in some cases, millions of new subscribers along the way. Do you follow them?

Lele Pons – 5.5 million subscribers, channel started in September 2015

Vine-turned-YouTube superstar Lele Pons has proven her talent isn’t just confined to six seconds after gaining 720 million views on her YouTube videos in two years. Pons continues to pave her own path as a female comedian by creating videos that celebrate her Latinx identity – including her video “Training to Be a Latina” which has been viewed over 19 million times.

Natalie’s Outlet – 4.6 million subscribers, channel started in August 2014


Considered by many as the Latinx lifehack queen of YouTube, Natalie Alzate has become known for experimenting with beauty hacks found around the world. With over half a billion views in her pocket since 2014, Natalie began her rise to stardom last summer after uploading her now 40-million viewed school pranks video. This year, out of the 43 videos Natalie uploaded, 97% of them gained at least 1.3 million views due to Natalie’s ability to put her own unique spin on emerging trends (1000 degree knife challenge, slime bra, slime food pranks) and present international beauty hacks to her American audience.

Rudy Mancuso – 3 million subscribers, channel started in September 2011

Despite opening his YouTube channel in 2011, Mancuso didn’t begin uploading videos until last year, with his first “Hispanic Titanic” gaining 5.5 million views. Over the past year, he has gained over 350 million views on his comedy sketches. Mancuso continues to pursue music full-time (which includes performing internationally with Justin Bieber), and is also the founder of the YouTube channel Awkward Puppets – which conducted one of the first interviews with Floyd Mayweather following his McGregor fight.

Salice Rose – 1.1 million subscribers, channel started March 2014

Rose began consistently uploading to YouTube in early December 2016, and in 10 months, her audience has grown to over 1.1 million subscribers drawn in by her mix of comedic story-time videos, video challenges, and honest, personal vlogs about coming out and mental health. Her most popular videos include “How I Did My Makeup in High School” and “How I Get My Lashes So Long.”

Enjajaja – 602,000 subscribers, started channel May 2014

Enya Umanzor joined YouTube in 2014, and since then the 18-year-old has become known for her makeup videos and sarcastic, self-deprecating vlogs. Last year, she uploaded her first viral videos including “First Day of Senior Year Vlog” (2.1M), “Back to School Slay Makeup” (1.4M) and “BF Does My Makeup” (1M).