HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Get You Through the Week of August 6th

As we begin to fall into the energy of Mercury’s Retrograde next week, and a full and new moon eclipse later in August, I’m happy to report this is a calm before the storm kind of week for all of us

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

As we begin to fall into the energy of Mercury’s Retrograde next week, and a full and new moon eclipse later in August, I’m happy to report this is a calm before the storm kind of week for all of us. Whatever work you can get done now, please do. Cause after this week – we are in for a bumpy end of summer!

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You may be well aware of your worth already. But this week, the universe is asking you to believe that it knows your worth and what you deserve, too. The moment you believe that anything is possible, is when you’ll be able to use the energy of Jupiter and Uranus squaring your ruling planets to bring about the wishes you really desire. Let go of the doubt. Grab onto your faith and let genius strike you.

You could be in for a pleasant surprise this week as Uranus is sextile with your ruling planet Venus. A new opportunity for you to stand up in front of your peers and shake your tail feathers … yes, shake them. In front of people, on purpose and without apology. If you get the chance, step into the spotlight this week, take it. You’ve earned it.

Expect an area in your life that’s felt stalled to get some motion this week. With Saturn trine your ruling planet, its sure-footed energy will help bring a structure and organization to your plans that you can not only vibe with, but even build off of. It’s going to be a good, foundation building kind of week for you. Let change happen now.

This week, the universe is asking you to do what you do best  – spread your love. You have the kind of chart this week of a global healer… someone who could see the problem that no one else can, and make it all better in no time. This selfless level of generosity is what will fulfill you the most this week.
Saturn is in your corner this week to bring some organization and infallible structure to your stride right now. Whatever you are trying to make happen this week, be sure to snag the wise counsel of a Capricorn friend to help through it. Their intuitive skills will be off the charts and you’ll gain so much from the chat.
Sometimes, in order to get what you want, you’ve just gotta shake off your pride and put yourself out there. Be vulnerable. Show up and let people know that you that you care and you aren’t perfect but you really want to try. That level of honesty is what your week calls for to make the advances you’re looking for right now. wp_*postsLibra
While relationships have sort of swept your attention this summer, the need for work balance will start to take its place this week and really call for your attention. Any old themes you thought would disappear in the summer sun, you’ll find, are back like a rash that you just can’t get rid of. Or you can… if you just put your foot down, finally, and find a diplomatic way to speak your peace. Take control over the situation now before it takes control over the rest of your year.
This week, the only thing you have to do is keep on doing what you’re doing. Kinda an easy horoscope right? Well it hasn’t been an easy year, that’s for damn sure. But your ruling planets are stacking the odds in your favor this week to continue your gentle journey with walking towards your own liberation. Stay in your own lane this week, and you’ll find your joy.
Someone’s got the gift of gab this week – and they better use it to their advantage! Whether it’s a person of romantic interest or some face time with your boss to talk your October bonus, this is the week where you will find the right words and right amount of charm to get what you want. Just be smooth about it.
That little excitement you feel in the pit of your stomach about something very important to you is warranted. In fact, it’s really okay for you to start daydreaming about it a little. Maybe even buy yourself a little bracelet or Quartz crystal to remind yourself of what’s sure to be yours. Continue to visualize that prize you have your eye on. Unexpected opportunities or changes are coming this week that will help you out with this.
A little karma is heading your way this week. And if it’s something seems like it’s going to make your life harder, try not to fight it. Let whatever blessings or changes the Nodes have for your ruling planets to come in this week without any friction. Now is the perfect time to make small, spiritual changes.
This week, the universe continues its quest to get you help where it needs it most. With Mercury in your chart, the conversation you’ve been meaning to have and needing to have can really start now. Even if it’s confrontational – this is the kind of week you could agree to disagree with no problem. But you have to get a bit of a thicker skin now.

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