HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Start the Week of June 25th

After last week’s new moon in Gemini, the planets are really fired up to make some big statements this week. Some of us are going to do it with an iron fist, while others may take more spiritual tactics. Either way — the key word of the week is “change.” And the only thing you can really control, is how you respond to all of it. See how below:


This week you are going to see it all so clear. You can see the finish line now, especially in matters around the office. And yet here it is again — same day, same b.s. when it comes to getting others on your side. The stars suggest that you are ready to go to war. Might I suggest the following: take a deep breath. Put your sword down. And enlist a few wildling co-workers to help you out before you go all Jon Snow on the problem. You can win this week — but you’re victory will be much sweeter if you work smart, not out of your fear that things will never go your way.

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