HipLatina Style: 7 Badass Manicures That Nailed It

Each week, in a column called HipLatina Style, we take a look at the different ways that Latinas show off their unique style, and share it with the world

Photo: Unsplash/@antonikachanel

Photo: Unsplash/@antonikachanel

Rosary Nails

How dope are these nails?! They give a shoutout to La Virgen de Guadalupe, with a design that makes the nails look like they’re part of a rosary.

Siempre Shouting Out Selena

Selena instantly makes anything her image is imprinted on look more Latina, and more epic. These nails are no exception. Timeless, elegant, nude nails are given an upgrade with her photos, and a touch of bling.

’80s Fun

In the ’80s, there were a lot of cool, pastel, abstract patterns that were both fun and stylish. These nails take us all the way back to that decade, but in a way that is also modern.

Gilded and Intricate

These nails are the perfect balance between classic and ornate. You have the classic, neutral base, which is overlaid with rhinestones, and almost-Baroque curlicues.

Coming Up Roses

There appears to be a trend here with these nails. If you have a neutral backdrop, you can get a little more creative with designs without it looking tacky. This mani has a beautiful pop of color, in the form of pink-red roses, set against a blush-nude background.

Viva Argentina!

This year’s World Cup took the world by storm, and we all were excited to rep for our country/countries (and all our Latin-American countries!) in stylish ways. These Argentina-inspired nails are so intricate, so cool, so neat, that we had to include them in this roundup.

A Touch of Lace


Here’s another great example of the juxtaposition of a neutral background with a more elaborate design. The lace on these nails, with the nude base, create a stylish, sexy, and timeless French manicure.

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