Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for the Fiery Leo

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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Leo, Holiday Shopping List, shopping, holidaysLeo is a fire sign ruled by the sun. So it’s no surprise that Leo’s are known for the way they can light up a room. Their fiery demeanor makes them ostentatious attention grabbers that love the spotlight. In other words, there is a good chance your Leo friend or loved one is EXTRA. In traditional Leo fashion, they love the sparkly, flamboyant, and finer things in life. So whatever you plan to give your Leo better be fashion or fancy AF. Here are 15 holiday gifts for that Leo that likes all eyes on them.


Bésame Cosmetics Art Deco Ceramic Powder Holder

Leos love to be fancy and nothing says fancy like an old-timey powder holder. It’s cute, super luxurious and perfect for the Leo that loves to bake. Let’s face it, that container was made for banana powder or setting powder. It’s a lovely piece to add to their getting ready routine.

Art Deco Ceramic Powder Holder, $25,


Melt Cosmetics Illumination Digital Dust Highlight

As a sign ruled by the sun, Leo’s like to shine bright from the inside and out. But they especially to shine on the outside so everyone can see how good they look. This Melt Cosmetics highlighter illuminates cheeks, eyes, collarbones and whatever your Leo BFF chooses.

Illumination Digital Dust Highlight, $39,


Killer Queens Cosmetics Candy Cane Gloss

It’s that time again where frosty looks are totally in. Tis the season for some beautiful glittery lip gloss for sure. This candy cane gloss is the perfect gift for a Leo who wants lips as extra as their personality. It’s a great gloss to apply over a kiss-proof lipstick.

Candy Cane Gloss, $8,


Casetify The Essential Case

It’s highly likely that your Leo pal likes to match their phone case to their outfit. These Casetify cases come in Tortoise, marble, leopard, which are all the types of prints that your Leo would love. It’s going to jazz up their outfits, look great in their bathroom selfies, and protect their phones from unfortunate accidents.

The Essential Case, $50,


Golden Dream Beauty Oh Baby Lashes

Leo’s love looking good and getting all the attention. Lashes have fast become the statement outfit of the upper part of your face. These lashes are so fashion and extravagant that your Leo homegirl is sure to love them and all the compliments she’ll get.

Oh Baby Lashes, $10,


Hija De Tu Madre La Muy Muy Hand Mirror

I mean this is pretty self-explanatory. But if you’re just catching up Leo’s love to look at themselves and admire their outfits. This hand mirror might not be able to capture the full look but it’ll be a welcome addition to their vanity. Pun intended.

La Muy Muy Hand Mirror, $20,


Target Scunci Scrunchie Style Box

This is truly a luxurious selection of scrunchies. Hair accessories are all the rage at the moment and this is a cool and affordable way to give your Leo friend a scrunchie for every mood and outfit.

Scunci Scrunchie Style Box, $9.99,


Bella Doña Diamond Girl Hair Clips

Hair jewelry! We’re living in the time of gaudy and oversized hair clips. Anything that will catch people’s attention and add to Leo’s overall beauty and outfit is going to be greatly appreciated.

Diamond Girl Hair Clips, $10,


Make Custom Gifts Custom Heart Face Socks

Because the loving being the center of attention Leo’s really like admiring themselves. They also like being the object of others’ admiration. With these custom socks, you can put the face of their favorite celebrity, their crush of you can put their own face on it and call it a day.

Custom Heart Face Socks, $12.95,


Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is so glam and glittery and appropriate for all forms of stunting. The colors are perfect for the colder months and can definitely transition into year-round lewks. This is sure to be the Leo gift that keeps on giving.

Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette, $49.50,


Hija De Tu Madre Make Jefa a Moves Enamel Mug

Chances are your Leo friend drinks coffee and liquid of some sort. It’s also likely that they believe themselves to be bosses and/or be bossy. This mug pretty much expresses what Leos already think about themselves, give the gift of a compliment in mug form.

Make Jefa a Moves Enamel Mug, $22,


House of Intuition Money Magic Candle

When we asked for Leo’s to chime in on what they wanted for the holiday’s the number one thing they said was “money.” There is nothing your Leo friend would appreciate more than money. Of course, unless you’re willing to fork over the cash the next best thing is helping them manifest the money themselves. This money magic candle should do the trick.

Money Magic Candle, $18,


iluvindigo Gabriella Hoops

You really can’t go wrong with a good pair of gold hoops. These will look great in Leo’s selfies and totally make their outfit even more ostentatious. It will be all eyes on them and they’ll love it.

Gabriella Hoops, $23-$28, 


Walters Wish Rough Diamond Bracelet

Leo’s love luxury and nothing says luxury like diamonds. Obviously you might not be trying to spend a ton of money on jewelry but this rough diamond bracelet is delicate and just the right amount of opulence.

Rough Diamond Bracelet, $74.70,


Sunday Energy Glam Bar

This minimal but elegant necklace is a gift anyone would want to receive. It’s pretty, eye-catching, luminous and definitely a piece of jewelry your Leo friend will love to show off.

Glam Bar, $33,

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