Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 21 Gifts for the Ambitious and Fun-loving Capricorn

Capricorns are known for their ambition and are often associated with money and hard work but there’s more to the Mountain Goat than dollar bills

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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Capricorns are known for their ambition and are often associated with money and hard work but there’s more to the Mountain Goat than dollar bills. They’re honest, loyal and are known for having a great sense of humor and enjoying time with friends and family. They’re sticklers for tradition and though they may have a small social circle, they are known to be generous and want nothing more than to be surrounded by loved ones during the holidays.

“Capricorn people are exceptionally known for their discipline and practical demeanor. It’s very likely that the Capricorn in your life is driven and always achieving their goals. They can be some of the best leaders of the Astrological bunch. It isn’t uncommon to find Capricorns fulfilling their life’s purpose as entrepreneurs or excelling in managerial positions. They’re action-oriented, logical, and are prone to exhibiting workaholic tendencies. Organization and strategy are key for these go-getters,” according to HipLatina’s astrology expert Esoteric Esa.

Read on to find 21 gifts from a variety of Latinx brands perfect for the Cap in your life. wp_*posts

Agave Salt – Como La Flor blouse


This marigold blouse with roses is perfect for the Earth sign who will appreciate the silky stretch of the chiffon material and it’s multi-functional use either draped over a tank or tied up for a more casual look. Agave Salt features one of a kind pieces handmade in small batches with materials and textiles sourced locally and throughout Mexico.

Como La Flor blouse, $55, available at


Aforfebre – Sterling Silver Gotas ring


Caps enjoy their solitude and staying in to read on a rainy day would be an ideal day for them, so this raindrop ring is a subtle ode to their love of rain and nature. This ring is made in sterling silver and the finishing is polished with black patina, handmade by Agustina Fernández in Buenos Aires, Argentina and available in the U.S. in sizes 0.75 to 15.

Sterling Silver Gotas ring, $30, available at


Firme Arte – Hella Sensitive | Empath Babe | Anti Anxiety | Face Mask


Caps are hustlers and are prone to overworking themselves, so this mask works on multiple levels to help them emotionally calm down while working on their skin too. It’s made with calming herbs and flowers blended with natural ancient detoxifying earth clays and infused with calming energy to combat stress due to anxiety. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. Firme Arte was created by Natali Gonzalez, an indigenous queer Xicana bruja who works with fellow brujas to develop this magical product.

Hella Sensitive Anti-Anxiety face mask, $15, available at


Malinalli Art You Can Wear – Frida Amor Shoes


These shoes are handcrafted in Mexico, normally taking about four to six from start to finish and they are as comfy as they are beautiful. Caps are practical so they’ll love these comfy and cute shoes that have an artistic element with the Frida artwork. Viridiana Odriozola is originally from Morelos, México and now lives in California but she’s still connected to her native land through Malinalli Art You Can Wear, by selling artisan products like these shoes.

Frida Amor shoes, $58, available at


Raggedy Tiff – Ojo reversible pillow


Designer and RaggedyTiff founder Jessica Resendiz describes this artwork on her site as her “version of protecting your space of bad luck, [envy] or harm, but with my own taste and eclectic style.” A Capricorn’s space is sacred and this pillow works as both a functional piece and a way to protect their space with original artwork. Resendiz was born in Queretaro, Mexico and remains inspired by her roots and said she developed this piece with bold details that scream “protection” and “power” — two words that Caps love.

Ojo reversible pillow, $39, available at


Art by Anna Alvarado – Viva Las Mujeres print 


This Frida Kahlo-inspired print features her iconic florals with her arm raised and the phrase “Viva las Mujeres” emblazoned on it.  Artist Anna Alvarado is known for her colorful and inspiring prints and this 8”x 10” would be a great addition to a Caps office as an empowering reminder que mujeres can do anything.

Viva Las Mujeres print, $20, available at


Araceli – Jalisco Eyes Kit


Founder Araceli “Cely” Ledesma was born in Jalisco, Mexico and grew up in California but never forgot her roots and it’s now the inspiration behind her makeup line. This kit is perfect for the Cap who likes the convenience of having it all in one case. The palette itself is agave-infused with highly pigmented and ultra-creamy eyeshadows in dark shades of brown, along with a classic shimmer and black. The kit also includes liquid eyeliner, gel pencil eyeliner, blending brushes (large and small) and lashes.

Jalisco Eyes kit, $88, available at


House of Intuition – Money Magic Candle


Caps are the notorious breadwinners of all the signs, striving to climb the corporate ladder to have a bank account that matches their lofty goals and desires. House of Intuition developed this candle to attract money, luck, and abundance and it is made of 100 percent all-natural and sustainable palm wax and dressed with crystals. Beyond the intention of the candle itself, Caps will also appreciate the stone they’ll find when the candle is done, supercharged with their intention so they can carry it with them when they need that added push, as they work on getting that money.

Money Magic candle, $18, available at


Yaocihuatl Organic – Organic Lip Balm


Caps tend to have long days and if there’s one thing they need to have on hand it’s lip balm and this vegan option is moisturizing and made with all organic and natural ingredients with flavors including lavender, horchata, and guava. Yaocihuatl is an organic skincare line based in Los Angeles and made with ancient traditions and a philosophy that puts nature first.

Organic lip balm, $5, available at


Hot Sundae – Roses Head Wrap


This rose headwrap is a versatile piece that’ll help Caps make a fashion statement while keeping their pelo from getting too wild on days when they’re too busy to deal with it. The wrap measures about 38″ x 4″ and while Hot Sundae offers a variety of colorful design options, Caps will appreciate the classic rose design that works with a multitude of outfits.

Rose head wrap, $15, available at


The Salvaged Sawhorse – Gratitude Notepad


With the hustle, there are inevitable hard days so this Happiness Rx notepad is a good way to get a Cap to take a moment and remember the good in the midst of a tough day. The 25-page notepad includes a section for gratitude, a place to write things that brought a smile to their face, breathing exercises, and feel-good activity prompts (treat yourself, write a kind note to someone).

Happiness Rx notepad, $15, available at


Jen Zeano Designs – Poderosa Tee

An empowering shirt for a boss b*tch Capricorn who enjoys the hustle and knows she’s capable of whatever she sets her mind to. Jen Zeano is a Mexican designer based in Texas whose tees have been worn by celebs including Gina Rodriguez and Cristela Alonzo because of their Latina-focused message. Their packaging makes it the perfect gift with even the tag carrying a positive message: “Eres una diosa: poderosa y hermosa!”

Poderosa tee, $30, available at


De La Luna Designs – Hummingbird Zipper Wallet


With all the money Caps are making, it’s good to have a sturdy but fashionable wallet and this one from De La Luna designs is both. This zipper wallet is one of a kind and features a hummingbird among flowers on one side and the flip side is all flowers, making for vibrant and colorful accessory for an Earth sign.

Hummingbird zipper wallet, $28, available at


Cortez Made Co. – Diosa Vibes Only Tumbler


The statement says it all — Capricorns are not here for anything less than Diosa level vibes. This 16 oz stainless steel travel tumbler is ideal for the cafecito-loving’ Cap who can’t imagine starting the day without a caffeine fix. Cortez Made was founded by a self- proclaimed chingona, who designs and packages everything from home in Texas.

Diosa Vibes Only tumbler, $27.50, available at


Thistle Farms – Body Butter and Scrub


Caps are known for their compassion, so supporting Thistle Farms is an opportunity for self-care while supporting an important cause. The products are handcrafted by women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction and every purchase helps survivor artisans and provides housing and employment. The body scrub exfoliant is formulated with pink Himalayan, Dead Sea salts and essential oils and the body butter is more lightweight than the traditional formulas.

Body butter and scrub, $36, available at


Audible Latino Membership


Audible Latino launched earlier this year featuring several originals including Talking While Female & Other Dangerous Acts from all-Latina theatre group Teatro Luna, as well as the upcoming From Negative to Positive, Pitbull’s memoir that he also narrates. Beyond the original content they also have classics like Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano and contemporary classics like The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo, so a book lovin’ Cap will definitely find literature that piques their interest. Audiobooks, in general, are perfect for people who love to multitask like Caps are prone to do, so this will easily become a part of their routine.

Audible membership, $15 for a month, available at


Viva Las Calaveras – Roses Gold Hoops


These stunning rose hoops are exactly the style choice a Cap would make — classic with a twist. Viva Las Calaveras founder and designer Liz Zambrano credits her Mexican abuela with teaching her the skills to carry on the art of jewelry making. She operates through Etsy as well as her Instagram account, so be on the lookout for when the items become available.

Roses Gold hoops. See IG for price, available at and


Donate to the Latino Stem Alliance in their name


Latino STEM helps expand STEM learning in the Boston and Gateway Cities in Massachusetts by partnering with inner city school and community organizations to improve classroom and after-school learning activities. Ambitious Capricorns would no doubt be shocked and moved to action after learning that Latinas make up only 2 percent of STEM jobs. Contributing to an organization like this that works toward changing that would make for a thoughtful gift.

Donation to Latino STEM, any amount,


Araredragon – Latina Power Laptop Sleeve


What’s a Capricorn hustle without her laptop? This sleeve, part of a line of Latina-focused designs and sold via art-centric website Society6, features double-sided artwork on durable polyester with a soft microfiber interior to prevent scratches. It’s a functional piece with an original design that’ll make for a lasting gift that’ll put a smile on their face every time they get to work.

Latina Power laptop sleeve, 13” $38.99 and 15” $39.99, available at


La Casa Frida – Frida Crossbody


She works hard for the money and she probably does it with her trusty tote but Capricorns also need to have a go-to purse that’s fun and functional. This Frida leather crossbody is a work of art that is a one of a kind, making it that much more appealing to the independent Cap who likes the idea of owning something original and unique that still works for everyday life. La Casa Frida is a Mexican inspired boutique based in San Antonio, Texas that specializes in handmade, one of a kind items from all over Mexico. It’s definitely a splurge but the original artwork and quality material makes it a piece worth investing in.

Frida leather crossbody, $145, available at 


Valfré – Gal with a Plan (2020 Planner)


Mexican artist Ilse Valfré created the original artwork in this 2020 hard cover planner that also includes three pages of stickers, witticisms, and colorful details throughout. A planner that’s ALSO a collection of art? This will appeal to the sensitive, art-loving Cap that’s also devoted to their work schedule and crossing off items on their to-do list.

Gal with a Plan (2020 planner), $28,

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