Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 16 Gifts for the Creative and Spiritual Pisces

Pisces are the loving nurturers of all the astrological signs — who love art and have a great sense of humor making them popular among family and friends

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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Pisces are the loving nurturers of all the astrological signs — who love art and have a great sense of humor making them popular among family and friends. This gift guide features 16 items from Latinx brands that connect to one or multiple characteristic traits of this water sign. “Pisces are the natural healers of the twelve zodiac signs and are often found nurturing others in some sort of capacity. Pisceans are creative, emotional, and are notorious dreamers. At times, these individuals can get caught up in their imaginations surrounding the endless possibilities and forget to execute plans. Being a water sign makes them highly empathetic and intuitive, which allows them to access a deeper side of their psyche than most. Grounding their energy and understanding how to live in the everyday reality of life is something Pisces people often need to balance,” HipLatina’s astrology expert Esoteric Esa said.

From subtle and dainty nods to their spiritual sides with lunita earrings to a beautiful mermaid crossbody bag to a bright shade of lipstick from Vive cosmetics to match their bright personality, the Pisces in your life is sure to fall in love with these gifts ideas. Read on to discover a range of gifts at different price points and maybe you’ll also learn about a new Latinx brand to support.


Dora’s Tiendita – Lunita Earrings


Pisces are known as dreamers and these dainty luna earrings perfectly suit their style. Dora’s Tiendita comes from Dora Lopez aka the Fat Chicana Feminist who designs jewelry in her spare time. Each piece is handmade and these earrings also come with different moon charms.

Lunita earrings, $15, available at


Lazy Beam Arte – Pisces Art Print


This vibrant Pisces artwork comes from Philly-based Latina artist Manuela Guillén, who signs each original print. Pisces is a water sign so they’ll appreciate the gift of this elegant and vibrant artwork which reflects the Pisces symbol of fish with a woman flowing with her head above water, gracefully embracing her element.

Pisces artwork, $7.65, available at


Guaraxez – Vergeles shoes


These beautiful shoes will appeal to the creative Pisces especially as they are handmade by artisans from Latin America. The shoes take three weeks since they’re handmade, so it’s important to keep in mind for the holidays but no doubt they’ll appreciate such a carefully crafted and unique gift.

Vergeles shoes, $50, available at


Lagrimas de Oro – Selenite Double Point Wands

Pisces are an emotional water sign, so these cleansing selenite wands would fit well into their self-care routine. The wands cleanse and charge other crystals, cleanse the aura, environment, chakras, unblock stagnant energy, and provide divine connection. Lagrimas de oro was founded by Katrina Aileen, a self-proclaimed queer brown girl based in East Los Angeles.

Selenite double point wants, $22, available at


Melt Cosmetics – Vida Palette


The Vida palette is a collection of pressed pigment colors that “honors life” including marigolds, reds and warm neutrals inspired by Mexican culture. The names themselves include Sarape, Papel Picado, Atole and the package itself features a Calavera covered in beautiful flowers, so the creative Pisces will not only appreciate the makeup but the exquisite packaging.

Vida palette, $58, available at


Quetzal Boutique – Handmade rebozo 


The colors of this wool-blend rebozo evoke fields of amaranth and marigolds, perfect for any season and suitable with basically any outfit making it both versatile and stylish and they can also work as homemade baby slings. Quetzal Boutique is a family-owned LA-based shop that sells fair trade apparel from Mexico, Guatemala, Perú, and Ecuador made by artisans as well as locally sourced goods.

Handmade rebozo, $68, available at quetzalboutique.comwp_*posts

RossMiu – Iridescent Mermaid crossbody


As water signs, the name of this gift alone is probably going to be appealing but this mermaid crossbody is as beautiful as it is a nod to fantasy and fun. The holographic purse comes with a detachable shoulder strap and measures 10″ x 7″ so it’ll fit her wallet, cell, and any other must-haves for a night out and girls days. Ross Miu founder Rosa Guadalupe makes it by hand and it ships from San Cristóbal in Chiapas, Mexico, she also offers a mermaid pouch.

Mermaid crossbody, $32.87, available at


Curandera Press – Let it Go Prayer Candle


As one of the more emotional signs, Pisces are likely to carry the weight of all their feelings so this candle can help them work through some of that. The aptly named candle is 8” tall, hand-dressed at the top with white wax (for purity and cleansing), three rosebuds for a “gentle process”, three coffee beans for speed/focus, and vintage glitter for that added beauty. Each candle label is printed in both English and Spanish and the rear prayer reads:
“To that which not serves you: Let It Go. Burn candles to enhance your spiritual and emotional state when parting with a situation. Focus on the flame as a symbol of personal strength.”

Let it go candle, $25, available at 


Lucky120 – Frida tote


Frida is the ultimate creative so naturally a Pisces would gravitate toward this iconic artist and this handmade tote is great for carrying around their art supplies, groceries, and basically any other items these nurturers are likely to carry around. The original Frida design is printed by hand in eco-friendly ink and embellished by hand with paint and made with 100 percent cotton.

Frida tote, $26.99,


Cha Cha covers – artist nail decal 


Pisces love music and nail art is THE trendy way to showcase that love and Cha Cha Covers feature an array of artists from Selena (obviously) to Cardi to Bad Bunny and Drake. Sets vary from 14-21 decals and the gold Selena forever set (pictured here) comes with 21 decals that were treated by hand.

Musical artist decals, $6=$7.50, available at


Bebesitas – Be a Diosa tee


This 100 percent cotton tee perfectly sums up a Pisces who is preoccupied with doing her own thing and living her best life: “be a diosa not a celosa.” Bebesitas is an LA-based women empowerment and self-expression apparel brand and this tee is available in small to extra large.

Diosa tee, $23, available at bebesitas.comwp_*posts

Loquita Bath & Body – Uniconcha Soap


This may seem like an obvious gift but Loquita Bath & Body’s uniconcha soap is not your average soap combining both fantasy and fun with the uniconcha soap. Though they are known for their bath bombs, this soap is perfect for the bath tub-less Pisces and as Pisces love their alone time this makes a soothing bath/shower a little bit more fun.

Uniconcha soap, $7, available at


Sololi Shop – Otomi Table Runner


As nurturers who enjoy taking care of their loved ones, this table runner is perfect to help them add a little brightness to their table where they love to host dinners regularly. This authentic Otomi-style table runner encapsulates Mexican culture by way of the indigenous Otomi community, handmade and embroidered by artisans making it a one of a kind piece.

Otomi table runner, $99, available at


Échale Ganas – water bottle


As dreamers Pisces can sometimes spend too much time with their head in the clouds so it’s important to help them come back to reality and this bottle is an empowering daily reminder to stay hydrated AND focused. The stainless bottle comes in both mint and black (though a Pisces is likely to like mint more) and 25 oz.  Founder and CEO Anthony Banderas founded the company after losing his mother to ovarian cancer after he was laid off with a baby girl on the way. He was reminded of how his mother instilled in him a sense of ganas and that empowering sentiment is just as important to instill in the daydreamin’ Pisces in your life.

Échale Ganas water bottle, $25, available at


Vive Cosmetics – Cremosa matte lipstick


The beloved Latinx makeup brand Vive Cosmetics recently relaunched with brand new packaging and a new design plus new shades that are a part of their Winter 2019 collection “Boss Moves.” The “Rosita” and “Empresaria” (pictured) are great shades for day and evening looks and the “Amor Eterno” liquid lipstick has a name and dark red hue that was basically made for the loving Pisces.

Cremosa matte lipstick, $17, Qué Matte liquid lipstick $19, available at


Tarot/ 2020 Horoscope reading with Olivia Cabrera


As one of the more intuitive signs, the Pisces will appreciate this thoughtful gift that’ll connect them with a professional astrologer and tarot readers. Olivia J. Cabrera, famous for OJC Astrology from YouTube, is offering a 2020 Year Ahead tarot and horoscope reading that includes a  document with the images of your tarot cards and an audio recording ranging between 45-60 minutes that’s sent via email by Jan. 31, 2020.  Cabrera specializes in self-esteem building, self-liberation, and vulnerability, traits that a Pisces could use help on.

Tarot/horoscope reading, $150, available at

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