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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 16 Gifts Perfect for the Adventurous Sagittarius

Sagittarius are known for being fun-loving, blunt, adventurers who don’t like boundaries and have a great sense of humor, so with that in mind, we’ve curated a gift guide for the Sag in your life. The list features products from Latinx businesses and the prices range from $3 to $150 so that you can splurge or save depending on your budget. The gifts range from beautiful lipstick shades to get them ready for their next adventure, a stunning weekender tote for their travels, or a poetry book that matches their own adventurous love life. Whether you’re looking for a loved one or feel like treating yourself, this holiday gift guide will make this fire sign light up with joy.

1. Brown Badass Bonita – Vuele Sin Miedo, Mariposa Crop Top

Photo: etsy.com/shop/BrownBadassBonita

The quote says it all — fly without fear, butterfly — which suits a Sag’s adventurous tendencies and travel lust. It’s a crop top, so it’s ideal for summer outings that Sags are prone to cause they’re not ones to waste a perfectly sunny season indoors. Kim Guerra’s tee perfectly combines her butterfly artwork with bright colors making it a statement piece and a perfect conversation starter for the social butterfly Sag (pun intended).

Vuele Sin Miedo, Mariposa Crop Top, $29.99, available at etsy.com/shop/BrownBadassBonita

2. Hija de tu Madre – Tengo Muchos Feelings notebook

Photo: hijadetumadre.com

Sags would benefit from having a notebook so they can jot down details of their travels but also their feelings in general. This 192- page spiral-bound notebook is perfect for random ramblings or travel itineraries and the playful and pretty cover is exactly the detail that fun-loving Sags would appreciate.

Tengo Muchos Feelings notebook, $21, available at hijadetumadre.com

3. Dominican Abroad Travel Consult

Photo: facebook.com/adominicanabroad

Gerry Isabelle works in a Dominican diaspora community in The Bronx, New York and had a desire to explore early on. After studying abroad in Spain at 19, she went on to study in Argentina, Cuba, and France and has traveled to more than 40 different countries. During her travels, she noted how multicultural travelers, especially those from immigrant families, had a different experience traveling and she wanted to help. Dominican Abroad is not only a travel blog, but she also offers travel consults where callers can pick her brain about her experiences and get travel tips for specific countries or travel in general. For the travel lusting Sag, sometimes the best gift is an experience so getting them in touch with a Latinx travel expert could be exactly what they need.

Dominican Abroad travel consult, $90/30-minutes or $150/hour and up, available at dominicanabroad.com

4. SaviaGuate – Embroidered Red Dress

Photo: etsy.com/shop/SaviaGuate

This beautiful statement piece is comfortable AND handmade by indigenous artisans in Guatemala. SaviaGuate is based in California but directly works with artisans in Guatemala to sell handmade, one of a kind items. The dress comes in multiple colors and is made from organic silk and cotton with organic dyes measuring 36 inches long, from shoulder to bottom. Though a Sagittarius is likely to visit Guatemala during their many travel adventures, this shop is perfect for those lusting for artisan items available year-round and the dress is a beautiful addition to a Sag’s collection of artisan goods from abroad.

Hand-embroidered red dress, $24, available at etsy.com/shop/SaviaGuate

5. Reina Rebelde – Lip Brilliance Kit

Photo: reinarebelde.com

Founded by Mexican-American Regina Merson, Reina Rebelde is a cruelty-free makeup line that’s perfect for the Archer who hates conformity. This lipstick bundle includes Enchufada (bronze), Virgen (blush), and Malinche (red chrome) for perfectly pigmented lips for their notoriously dual personalities. They can go subdued during the day and be ready for the party at night.

Super Lit – Lip Brilliance Kit, $35, available at reinarebelde.com

6. Yesika Salgado Book Trilogy

Photo: instagram.com/yesikastarr

Yesika Salgado’s poetry books take readers on a journey through love, in all its complicated glory and various form. The books — Corazón, Tesoro, and Hermosa — are empowering and vulnerable depictions of Salgado’s growth as she learns to love herself and let go of a love that no longer serves her. In a poem from the last book, Hermosa, she writes “know that I haven’t fallen into the fire/instead, I became it” and for Sags, who are known for their dualities and love of philosophy and education, that’s basically a life mantra.

Yesika Salgado Poetry Books, $15 each, available at notacult.media 

7. Bloomi – Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Photo: thebloomi.com

Sags are known for being world travelers but all that traipsing around the globe means they might have to lug around a vibrator that can sometimes lead to an awkward moment during the security check. This discreet but effective vibrator functions as a statement necklace (26-inch long)  but it’s also completely safe to use since the entire line is free of toxins and it’s made from stainless steel, so it won’t tarnish. The price is a splurge but it’s guaranteed to last and make the life of a passport-wielding Sag a little easier… and pleasurable.

Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $149, available at thebloomi.com

8. Rizos Curls – 4-Step Travel Kit 

Photo: rizocurls.com

Julissa Prado’s curly hair care line is all-natural and cruelty-free and this travel kit is a great go-to for the Sag on the go. It’s formulated with coconut oil and aloe vera that leaves curls bouncy and deeply moisturized. This kit comes with the award-winning collection of hydrating shampoo, deep conditioner, detangling serum, and curl defining cream and all bottles are 2 fl oz.

Rizos Curls 4-Step Travel Kit, $22, available at rizoscurls.com

9. XO Cafecito – Death Before Decaf Mug

Photo: cafecitopins.bigcartel.com

Sags are known for being philosophical travelers and it’s fair to assume they’re fueled by caffeine and this Dia de los Muertos inspired mug suits their style. The 11 oz ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and it’s just fun to look at. We recommend gifting it with some Cafe Bustelo as a nice added touch.

Death Before Decaf mug, $16, available at cafecitopins.bigcartel.com

10. Ahliyah Crafts – Por Pendeja Pin 


Being blunt with a wild side means Sags are bound to exhibit some pendeja behavior and since they’ve got a great sense of humor they’ll appreciate this dainty pin. Ahliyah Crafts creator Sandra Ramirez, hand makes each of her items. It’s a great, one-of-a-kind gift for the Sag in your life who pays attention to details.

Por Pendeja Pin, $3, available at ahliyahcrafts.com

11. Love by Luna – Sagittarius + Citrine Nail Polish


Photo: lovebyluna.co

This magenta color is perfect for the wild at heart Sag and this crystal-infused polish is formulated with Citrine, selected because of its manifestation abilities meant to channel a Sags energy. Love by Luna polish is 5-free, vegan, and made in the United States. They recommend meditation while holding the bottle, to help Sags focus their intentions for the day — elevating the crystal’s powers.

Sagittarius + Citrine Nail Polish, $18, available at lovebyluna.co

12. Huitzcoyotl Arte – Galaxy Wings Earrings

Photo: huitzcoyotl.storenvy.com

Free-spirited Sags will appreciate these beautiful handmade galaxy wing earrings from Huitzcoyotl Art. They’re handpainted on wood plates with stone accents and are 4.5 inches long, making for a statement piece that’s truly art. Creator Wendolinne Escamilla recently launched her online shop after Instagram sales spiked and these do sell out quickly, though she does have a selection of wing earrings to choose from.

Galaxy Wing Earrings, $24, available at huitzcoyotl.storenvy.com

13. Sandia Stitches – La Vida Es Dulce Bordado

Photo: instagram.com/sandiastitches

Sag’s thirst for adventure and love of life makes life sweet and if they’ve also got a sweet tooth this bordado speaks to them in multiple ways. Handmade by Sandra Perez, the creator of Sandia Stitches, each product is made to order via Instagram DMs. Each hoop is cotton muslin with acrylic embroidery thread and measures 8 inches.

La Vida Es Dulce Bordado, $25 , available at instagram.com/sandiastitches

14. Green Flower Creation, Cannabis-Infused Lip Balm

Photo: greenflowercreation.bigcartel.com

This cannabis-infused lip balm comes from Green Flower Creations, a line of natural and organic products with a mission that promotes indigenous resistance. This balm is a great multi-use gift for the adventurous Sag since it can be used as a moisturizer and also works on bug bites and sunburns. It’ll come in handy for any kind of getaway. The all-natural ingredients include coconut oil and beeswax with oils including peppermint, rose, orange, and cacao.

Cannabis-Infused Lip Balm, $7, available greenflowercreation.bigcartel.com

15. Huetzca Health – Tonehua Soak

Photo: huetzcahealth.com

Huetzca Health is a vegan, unisex botanical-infused medicinal skin healthcare line founded by Maria Rubio Montiel, who was raised with Mesoamerican folk medicine. This soak helps with pain and inflammation and promotes circulation with ingredients that include distilled vinegar, sugar cane rum, and tequila — yes, you read that correctly (note: it’s for external use only). This is great for the Sags on the go who need to decompress after a long day of gettin’ sh*t done or exploring during their travels.

Tonehua Soak, $18, available at huetzcahealth.com

16. Claudia Ramos Designs – Homegirl Weekender Tote

Photo: etsy.com/shop/ClaudiaRamosDesigns

Sags are always on the move and they obviously need a bag to hold all their must-haves and this weekender tote is both functional and fun. The original artwork is from illustrator Claudia Ramos and the durable bag is 100 percent spun polyester with thick rope handles and plenty of room.

Homegirl Weekender Tote, $40, available at etsy.com/shop/ClaudiaRamosDesigns