Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Gifts That Support Latina Owned Businesses

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is ruining everything

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is ruining everything. It’s taking our jobs away from us and messing with some of our most looked-forward-to events like posadas. With everything going on right now it’s more important than ever to shop local and give back to people who need it most. There are many Latina-owned businesses that not only sell items that are made with amor but many of them give back to people in need or support great causes. So we’ve rounded up some gift ideas that will support those businesses and put a smile on the faces of people you truly care about.


YHLQMDLG Biker Shorts

If your friends are wearing nothing but lounge wear, get them a pair of Bad Bunny inspired biker shorts from GOZA. They’re black so they will match with basically anything and they are good for lounging around the house or working out. Founder, Sirena Torres, was inspired by the Latin spirit which is rich in culture and diversity. She makes it clear that this brand isn’t just for Latinos, it’s for everyone with a free and loud soul. That sounds like us!

Available at, $32.50

Baja Betches T-Shirt

Baja Betches is a brand new organization that promotes local businesses in Baja California. They highlight new restaurants, activities, and events going on in small communities and ultimately bring more tourism to specific areas. If you are looking to plan a weekend getaway, Baja Betches will give you tips and even go as far as to personalize itineraries for you. Co-founders and sisters, Nicole and Michelle Young, recently started selling basic graphic tees and 10% of profits go to these local shops and organizations in Baja. You can check them out on Instagram @BajaBetches and DM them for more information on how you can help!

Available on Instagram @BajaBetches, $18

Photo: Instagram/@Holyyymariaa

Stacked Necklaces

Marie is a Mexican American women who founded Holy Maria. It is a relatively new start up that sells trendy jewelry, specifically stacked necklaces. And trust us, stacked necklaces are so hot right now. They’ve got basic chains and chains that are thicker than a snicker. There are big colorful jewels and smaller pendants. In other words, they’ve got something for everyone. They even have bracelets and earrings. Check them out on Instagram @Holyyymariaa and DM them for pricing.

Available on Instagram @Holyyymariaa, DM seller for pricing


Cocktail Kit

Create-A-Cocktail is the perfect at-home bartending experience created by Latina Ashia P. With a number of cocktails to choose from, they provide the recipes and glassware to give you the perfect items to create your own cocktails. Their kits come with all the items necessary for you to mix, shake, and stir some of your favorite drinks. Especially now with lock downs happening, this is a perfect way to take that Zoom happy hour to another level. (Alcohol not included).

Available at, $40


Masks and Scrunchies

If you’re looking for something simple and cute, look no further. Quaint Little Things is providing us protection but making it fun and fashionable. There are a variety of patterns and colors to choose from and each mask comes with a protective filter inside. The matching scrunchies, like everything else that was popular in the 90’s, are back in style. Masks are $10 and scrunchies are $5. This Latina owned business is great for staying safe and looking good while doing it.

Available at, $10


The Bellaband

Ingrid & Isabel was started in 2001 by a woman named Ingrid. Her company now sells a full range of maternity essentials available at stores all over the country. Each piece is inspired by the thousands of moms that Ingrid has met over the years, she calls is “mom-spiration.” There are tons of fashionable pieces to choose from (shirts, pants, dresses, etc.) but the item they are most popular for is the Bellaband, a seamless, ultra-soft belly band that helps you stay in your regular clothes longer and ease into maternity.

Available at, $28


Latin American Paleo Cooking Cook Book

The Paleo diet has been popular for quite some time now and after months of quarantine we are sure there are many people out there trying to work on their quarantine bodies. The author, Amanda Torres, tells a story of heritage and tradition with her recipes. She worked with her Puerto Rican mother-in-law to provide authentic recipes from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, and other Latin American countries. This book is perfect for the chef in your life who is looking to discover a new and adventurous side to Paleo.

Available at, $15.86


Tragos Drinking Game

Tragos is the ultimate party game para Latinos. Each box holds 109 ridiculously true Latino reference cards, designed with unique game rules to get the fiesta started. The founder, Carolina Acosta, wanted to create a product that removes the stigma of “not being Latino enough,” especially for generations born outside of Latin America. This is another great gift for friends to amp up those Zoom hangouts.

Available at, $19.99


Unique Earrings

If you have a friend that is a bit extra, then you’ll want to get them a pair of earrings from Wearing Confetti. These earrings are handmade with love so you can feel good about giving it to someone. You can also customize earrings to make it that more special. The earrings start at $15 and we do recommend handling them with care, since they are made of clay and can easily break.

Available at, $20


Active Wear 

This is active wear with a social impact. The founder, Natalie, created this business because she wanted to build a brand to champion artisans’ artwork and provide a socially-conscious active wear lifestyle brand. Natalie works closely with traditional ethnic minority tribes in rural Mexico and customers directly impact artisans to maintain their traditions and help them become more financially independent.

Available at, $88


Coffee Mugs

If you’re working from home, then there’s a 110% chance you are drinking a steamy caffeinated beverage at some point during the day. So why not sip coffee out of a hilarious mug that will most definitely make anyone in your Zoom meetings smile. Que Party Tan Fancy has a variety of mugs to choose from on Etsy and they’ll be sure to be a hit with your virtual coworkers.

Available at, $13.47


Funny Canvas Bags 

Anda Pa’l was founded by Rita, a Puerto Rican native who wanted to share her culture (music, language, colors, and happiness) and traditions through her creations. These canvas bags are perfect for that one friend who loves to travel or has too much makeup. We have found that the best way to order and reach out to the owner is via Instagram @andapalpr.

Available at, $15


Graphic Tees

Su Ella was founded by two Latinas who’s goal is to make dope mujer gear that pushes Latinas to be bold, creative, and to remind them of who they are! Founders Lian and Jisely draw from the Latin women who have paved the way for them, to inspire the new generation to come. They have graphic tees for children and adults, and the best part is that this company raises college funds for fellow Latinas.

Available at, pricing may vary


Latino Candles

Marcella Gomez started Oh Comadre as a form of therapy. Each candle is individually hand poured with mucho amor. She also realized there weren’t any Latino candles besides the traditional vela so she wanted a candle to represent her culture and celebrate life through a Latina’s eyes in hopes to evoke emotion, comfort, and a lovely memory. There are horchata candles, empanada candles, and cafecito candles. But one of our favorites is the michelada candle, perfect gift to get you some compliments.

Available at, $16.99


Children’s Books

Lil’ Libros was created by two mothers who wanted to introduce bilingualism and Latin American culture through picture board books. Lil’ Libros was created to inspire parents to read to their children and encourage them to do so in in two languages. Each book provides authentic stories that promote inclusivity and love. These books have great story lines and amazing graphics, the perfect gift for the kids in your life.

Available at, $9.99


Loteria Calendar 

Everyone loves loteria, that’s a fact. And what’s better than having it around all year long? La Loteria Store has created a very cute loteria calendar on Etsy. It’s inexpensive and very good quality. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer and a great gift for a coworker.

Available at, $18


Vino Latino

Latinos are taking over the wine scene and we are all for it. Amelia Ceja started working on her father’s vineyard, Ceja Vineyards, by harvesting grapes. She ended up being the first Mexican-American woman to have ever received the title of “President” of a winery. The California legislature even dubbed her “Woman of the Year” for her achievements in the wine industry. They have a variety of wines to chose from and make the perfect gift for any friends. Trust us, wine is a girl’s best friend (especially during quarantine).

Available at, $56


Lounge Wear 

Because all we do now is sit around the house, lounge wear is the way to go when it comes to presents this year. So get you and your BFF matching sets from Bella Dona. These sweats are perfect for Zoom happy hours and at home Instagram photo shoots. Bella Dona was founded by besties LaLa Romero and Natalie Durazo who are proud to celebrate the spirit of sisterhood.

Available at, $50


Yo Perreo Sola T-Shirt

We love Bad Bunny so this gift is a no-brainer. It comes in many different colors and you can change the font too. The material is very soft and comfortable. The creator, Janine, is from Puerto Rico and she designs and sells many other items. Check her out on Etsy. Also, since she is shipping the items from Puerto Rico we recommend ordering your shirt about two weeks before you plan on gifting the item.

Available at, $11.70



Co-founders Catalina Girald and Gina Rodriguez connected over their connection of women’s empowerment, body acceptance, and giving opportunities to underprivileged women. Naja’s garment factory primarily employs single mothers or female heads of households where they are paid above market wages with healthcare benefits. Talk about girl power! Naja offers a variety of bras and underwear for any body type and they are super comfy.

Available at, $25

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