Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts the Hardworking Virgos in Your Life Will Love

  Virgos (those born between August 23 to September 22) aren’t known for being easy-going, anything goes type of people, so holiday shopping for these perfectionist Earth signs can seem daunting

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts the Hardworking Virgos in Your Life Will Love

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Virgos (those born between August 23 to September 22) aren’t known for being easy-going, anything goes type of people, so holiday shopping for these perfectionist Earth signs can seem daunting. Sure, we might be analytical and super-organized, but Virgos are also sensitive, mature, and in touch with their emotions, which means that they will definitely appreciate your kind gesture and thoughtfulness. It’s always true that “it’s the thought that counts,” but we wanted to give you a hand this holiday season by sharing 15 gifts that the Virgo in your life will love.

Hija de tu Madre Make Jefa Moves 2020 Planner

Photo: Hija de tu Madre

Virgos are known for being extremely organized, so anything that will help them keep all their daily ideas, appointments, and goals in one place is priceless for them. Hija de tu Madre created a dope planner for 2020, that includes “monthly goal tracking and self-care worksheets,” “Latinx Holidays and birthdays of famous Latinx icons,” a sticker sheet, note pages, and more.

Available at, $49.99

Loquita Bath and Body – Body Butter Sampler

Photo: Loquita Bath and Body

Virgos are known to overthink and stress out. Sometimes we just need some solid self-care to bring back calm and balance. A nice gift to encourage this is the Body Butter Sampler set by Loquita Bath and Body. The scents are: cobija+chill, Sandy Claws, Coquito, and Diosa.

Available at, $18

The Kusshi Signature Makeup Bag + Organizer

Photo: Kusshi

Another way to keep the Virgo in your life organized is by gifting them this luxe makeup bag from Kusshi. It’s available in leather or microfiber, in two different sizes, and features handy, “water repellent, stain, mold and oil-resistant” storage for your makeup brushes, sponges, makeup, and other beauty products.

Available at, $139 (for Signature Makeup Bag + Organizer)

The Posh Shop Funny Astrological Virgo Pencil Set – Cosmic Babe Collection

Photo: The Posh Shop/Etsy

Pencils that describe who you are and what you feel are popular these days. Why not get a cute pencil set that speaks to your favorite Virgo? These by The Posh Shop are guaranteed to make them laugh, exposing the truth about these Earth signs: Such a Virgo, Literally Gives Zero F*cks, Bad and Boujee, Eyerolling Queen, Let Me Overthink This, and Texts in Full Sentences.

Available at, $10

DIAMOND FOR LOVE Princess Cut Ceylon Sapphire 14k Gold Necklace


If your Virgo’s birthday falls in September, their birthstone is sapphire. Although the precious stone comes in an array of colors, it is traditionally best known and recognized in a rich shade of deep blue. This beautiful necklace, which features a Ceylon sapphire (traditionally a lighter, at times cornflower blue), is the perfect balance of glam, and minimal, which no-fuss Virgo is known for.

Available at, $180

Today’s Inspired Latinas Books

Photo: Amazon

Virgos are inspiring to others, but they need outside inspiration as well! Whether you pick up the first volume or check out the latest, 2019 one, the Today’s Inspired Latinas books, by Jackie Camacho-Ruiz bring together the stories of several Latinas who succeeded, no matter what.

Available at, about $20 new, also available used

The House on White Oak Detoxing Spa Gift Set

Photo: The House on White Oak/Etsy

By now, we’ve established that Virgos are known for overanalyzing, worrying, and wanting everything to be perfect. Did we mention that they are also prone to being hypochondriacs?! Help them finally relax–even if for just an hour–with this cool Detoxing Spa Set by The House on White Oak.

Available at, $25.95

A Gift Membership to the ACLU

Photo: ACLU

Virgos love to give back, not hesitating to help others and be of service. Knowing that, a gift that isn’t about them but rather how they inspired you to make the world better would really touch their heart–and make a difference! Many organizations, like the ACLU, offer gift memberships.

Available at, gift amounts vary

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack

Photo: Melt Cosmetics

When it comes to colors, in addition to blues, this Earth sign is known for, well Earth-toned hues. This translates to makeup, where Virgos want to look more natural and less over-the-top. A wonderful gift for the makeup-loving Virgo on your holiday shopping list is this gorgeous collection of warm, earthy eyeshadow by Latinx cosmetics brand Melt Cosmetics.

Available at, $58

UEK Acrylic Jewelry Organizer

Photo: Amazon

A feminine Virgo may have a ton of jewelry that they would love to keep organized and store properly. This acrylic jewelry organizer, available on Amazon, keeps everything in its place, with room for rings, bracelets, and other joyas, that you can still see and have at the ready.

Available at, $23.99

Artelexia Chingaderas Que Hacer Notepad

Photo: Artelexia

Lists are awesome. They guarantee that you know what you need to do and buy, keep you organized, and prevent you from forgetting everything (because it does happen). But who says your to-do lists have to be boring? This hilarious one from Artelexia allows people to note down all the chingaderas they plan on accomplishing. Each section separates the level of importance, from “ahuevo,” to “ponte las pilas,” to “chingale.” It’s such a perfect gift for a Virgo.

Available on, $16

Tata’s Daily Essentials, by Tata Harper

Photo: Tata Harper

Beautiful Virgos want a skincare regimen that is going to work, in the necessary number of steps–nothing more, nothing less. Latinx skincare brand Tata Harper’s best-selling Daily Essentials set is made up of seven steps you can perform every day to prevent aging. There is a Regenerating Cleanser, Resurfacing Mask, Hydrating Floral Essence, Rejuvenating Serum, Repairative Moisturizer, Restorative Eye Cream (sample), and Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil. Added bonus? Everything is travel-sized.

Available at, $75

Alamar Cosmetics DesNUDEas Lip Gloss in Dulce

Photo: Alamar Cosmetics

Neutral, classic, and long-lasting–these are three things Virgos seem to gravitate towards when it comes to cosmetics. Latinx beauty brand Alamar Cosmetics have lip glosses that combine these three elements in great colors. One notable one most Virgos would love is Dulce, a timeless nude, with peach undertones.

Available at, $15

Hija de tu Madre Jefa Office Desk Plaque

Hija de tu Madre’s throwback “Jefa” desk plate is the perfect reminder for the Virgo in your life of who the micromanaging boss is, and motivation to accomplish all those big dreams and goals. It is just one of their many Latinx-themed office products that any boss lady will want to use to decorate their workspace.

Available at, $26

The Zodiac Collection – Virgo Tea, by Adagio Teas

Photo: Amazon

A great gift for your Virgo, be it as a stocking stuffer, as part of a gift basket, or on its own, this Virgo-inspired tea by Adagio Teas will add to your Earth sign’s self-care routine. About 50 cups’ worth of “white tea mixed with lemongrass, honeybush, and chamomile” and “an antioxidant-rich blend of rosehips, apricots, and marigold petals,” packaged in a metal tin, “[sharpen] Virgo’s mental acuity and calm their nerves.”

Available at, $17.01 (+ $15.98 shipping)

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