30 Holiday Hairstyles to Complete Your Party Look

Whether it’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas with the fam, or a special date night on New Year’s Eve, or a holiday party with the girls, chances are you’re going to want to have your hair join on the festive celebration


Photo: YouTube/Franchelli Rodriguez

Whether it’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas with the fam, or a special date night on New Year’s Eve, or a holiday party with the girls, chances are you’re going to want to have your hair join on the festive celebration. This is the time of year when all the glam outfits come out to play, and you’ll want the appropriate hairstyle to complete your stylish looks.

The holidays are hectic enough as it is, so we wanted to make things more of a breeze by sharing 30 YouTube tutorials that will show you how to recreate chic, yet effortless and easy-to-do hairstyles. Many videos contain several options, so you’ll have plenty of peinados to choose from!

Holiday Hairstyle on Curly Hair, by, ChellisCurls

Franchelli Rodriguez of ChellisCurls shows us how to create a curly hairstyle that allows the rizos to flourish on one side while anchoring them with a sleek braid on the other side. The entire look was created using SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Collection (she links to each product in the video’s description box).

Holiday Natural Hair Updo, by Melissa Erial

The holidays are when we dress up and get more dramatic with our hair and makeup. An elegant updo looks so chic and also keeps our hair in place so we can enjoy ourselves without a single pelo getting out of place. Melissa Erial shares a fabulous tutorial on how to achieve a stylish updo that is half braids and half twist bun.

Adrienne Houghton’s 3 Favorite Bun Hairstyles, by All Things Adrienne

On her YouTube channel, All Things Adrienne, Adrienne Bailon Houghton shares her three favorite bun hairstyles and how to do them yourself. You will learn how to make a voluminous, curly, messy bun; an elegant top knot, and a low, sleek bun. And you will learn where to get the brushes and products she uses in the video.

7 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Short Hair W/ Celeb Stylist Justine Marjan & Britt Sully, by BrittanyXavier

You might think that having short hair leaves you out of all the best holiday party hairstyles, but not so. Fashionista Brittany Xavier gets her bob styled into seven, easy to recreate looks. The key to having variety with short hairstyles is to use cool accessories! These looks are all accompanied by the wildly popular Kitsch x Justine Marjan glam hair pins.

Glam Waves | Holiday Hairstyle, by Luxy Hair

The holidays evoke luxury, glamour, and the Old Hollywood years where the two were in high supply. A cool hairstyle to capture these vibes this holiday season are these glam waves Hollywood look by Luxy Hair. It’s relatively easy to achieve, and works on a variety of hair lengths. A couple of crystal bobby pins adds that perfect holiday touch of sparkle.

3 2-Minute Holiday Updo Hairstyles with Puff! Easy Everyday Buns for Long Medium Hair, by MakeupWearables Hairstyles

Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa, and New Year’s are so back-to-back that we spend a good portion of the end of the year running around trying to plan for it all. This means that we don’t want to fuss too much when it comes to our holiday hairstyles. Thankfully, there are handy YouTube tutorials that can help us out, like this one by MakeupWearables Hairstyles that show us how to recreate super stylish looks that only take minutes to do.

12+ Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair, by BeautyinNatural

The holidays are all about taking your beauty looks and taking them up a notch. This means gorgeous, dramatic, and chic hairstyles. On YouTube, BeautyinNatural shows us how to recreate 12 amazing, stylish looks using braiding hair — in one video.

HOW TO: Sleek & Shiny Straight Hair, by Carli Bybel

If you want your tresses to look sleek, shiny, and pin-straight this holiday season, then you should check out this Carli Bybel’s tutorial. She shows you how to get the look in under 20 minutes, and also shares the exact products she used. On Carli’s hair, this style will last, without frizz or fuss, until she washes it.

10 Easy Updo Tutorials For Short Hair, by Milabu

You may run out of ways to style your short hair, but know that there are most likely many looks you simply haven’t tried out. And this includes a ton of updos! Milabu, in fact, shares 10 holiday-worthy ones in this YouTube tutorial.

Sleek & Sexy Fall Hairstyle, by Luxy Hair

If you want your straight hair to have a little more oomph, and a retro feel this holiday season, then you should definitely check out this “Sleek and Sexy Fall Hairstyle” how-to video by Luxy Hair. It will show you how to recreate a center-parted style, with a teased bouffant.

Last-Minute Holiday Hairstyles (Easy & Low Maintenance), by Kayley Melissa

Hair accessories have made a major comeback, adding the perfect finishing touch to so many outfits. In this video, Kayley Melissa shows how to achieve three easy to copy, low-maintenance hairstyles featuring a headband, a ribbon, and a DIY pearl-studded bow.

Crown Braid Tutorial on Natural Hair, by ChelisCurls

Crown braids are so bohemian, romantic, and pretty, and also keep your pelo off your face, and in place, which is fabulous. This makes the style perfect for the hectic holidays, where you’ll be running around in the difficult weather, and way too busy to constantly be worrying about your hair. ChelisCurls’ tutorial is a must-watch how-to for this style.

A Week of Half Ups | 7 Hairstyles, by Loepsie

Half up, half down hairstyles allow you to show your hair’s curls, waves, and/or length but also gives you room to add a stylish updo. It also stylishly keeps your hair voluminous, out of your face and in place. In this YouTube tutorial, by Loepsie, she shows you an entire week’s worth of semi-up hairdos.

How To Fake A Salon Blowout At Home, by Raz Pele

Salon blowouts make your hair feel sleek and done when you want straight hair with some bounce. But we don’t always have the time or money to always head to the salon, especially during the holidays. Raz Pele shows us how to achieve the look at home, for way less, in this helpful YouTube video.

Easy No Heat Hairstyles For Christmas, by Loepsie

Another tutorial by Loepsie that we recommend you check out this time of year is her “Easy No Heat Hairstyles for Christmas” tutorial. In it, she shares three easy-to-copy hairdos that only require bobby pins and a hair elastic. No styling tools needed at all!

10 Easy Hairstyles For A Special Occasion, by Patry Jordan English

Updos have the benefit that they can be really easy to do, yet look so dramatic, chic, and elegant. And we all want an easy yet stylish hairstyle to recreate for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s. This cool YouTube video by Patry Jordan English shows you 10!

How to Get the Perfect Ponytail, by SheKnows

We might have been doing our ponytails wrong all these years! This YouTube tutorial, by SheKnows, shows us a hack that creates a longer, fuller pony by making two stacked ponytails and blending them into one. The added drama is perfect for the holidays!

2018 Instagram Hairstyle Compilation for Natural Hair, by ChelisCurls


A video showing one fabulous hairstyle tutorial is great, but one showing several is even better. Franchelli Rodriguez, of ChellisCurls, put together many of her hair natural how-tos from Instagram and posted them in this handy compilation video. It’s a perfect reference for finding a great holiday hairstyle and learning how to create it.

BEST Easy Protective Style Sleek Ponytail w/ Extensions (No Heat), by AKA Roxxie

A sleek and long ponytail adds drama, yet is also so young and fun. It’s a great hairstyle for the holidays when you want to look polished, but effortless. This tutorial, by AKA Roxxie, teaches us a no-heat, protective ponytail style that features a fierce, razor-sharp side part and flawlessly laid-down baby hairs.

HOW TO: 10 Easy Short Hairstyles With Flat Iron Tutorial, by Milabu

Once you cut your hair short, you may think that you now only have a few options as to how to style it. Not true! In this helpful YouTube how-to, Milabu shows you 10 easy ways to change up your tresses with the aid of a flat iron.

Holiday Party Hairstyles, by Elanna Pecherle

Holiday Party Hairstyles, a YouTube tutorial by Elanna Pecherle, shows us three effortless yet pretty hairstyles that are a perfect finishing touch for various holiday looks. These no-fuss styles will survive a night of festivities still looking done but not fussy.

8 Hairstyles Using Bobby Pins Tutorial, by Yana Irbe

Bobby pins are so crucial to executing creative, interesting hairstyles. In this YouTube video, Yana Irbe shows you how to create eight different looks, all just using the classic, trusty bobby pin. They’re pretty, uncomplicated styles that you can easily rock during the holidays.

Holiday Party Hairstyles For 4C Natural Hair | BetterLength, by Jane Nashe

The holidays are the perfect time to showcase the beautiful volume of 4C curls. The drama that this hair brings to updos, ponytails and more is so pretty. Jane Nashe shows us how to create four different “Holiday Party Hairstyles” for 4C natural hair using BetterLength clip-in hair extensions in this helpful YouTube tutorial.

Easy Holiday Hairstyles 2019, by Alex Gabourey

Alex Gabourey’s tutorial on YouTube shares “Easy Holiday Hairstyles” that you can wear to party this holiday season. This includes a low chignon with volume, a futuristic ponytail that shows a peak of braid, and an accessorized half pony.

Festive, Holiday Hairstyles with @HairapybyKylee, by Claire René

Hair accessories are having such a major moment right now, and are perfect for adding that touch of glam and interest to your holiday hairstyles. In this tutorial from Claire René and @HairapybyKylee, you will learn how to recreate four fabulous holiday hairstyles that are given the end-of-year treatment with luxe and/or sparkling accessories.

Cute And Easy Hairstyles for Medium Thin Hair, by Tricia Lake

Not everyone’s hair is as thick and luscious as the girls on YouTube’s many video tutorials (a lot of that hair is thanks to extensions). We wanted to make sure to include easy and stylish hairstyles that will maximize hair that is naturally on the thinner side. Tricia Lake’s “Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Medium Thin Hair” how-to shows us how to do a half-up bun, messy bun, down and curled style, curled braids, a half-up ponytail, and more.

Easy and Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair, by Luxy Hair

You may know how you’re going to do your makeup for the holidays, but have no idea what to do with your curly hair. Luckily, Leyla over at Luxy Hair shows you a couple of pretty hairstyles you can easily recreate for the season.

5 Quick Christmas Morning Hairstyles – Hair Tutorial, by Kayley Melissa

Your holiday style doesn’t have to end on Christmas morning. You can still look polished and put together in your holiday-themed PJs! Kayley Melissa shares five “Quick Christmas Morning Hairstyles” that you can wear to celebrate X-mas in the A.M.

6 Sweater Weather Holiday Hairstyles!, by Life In Our Farmhouse

Life In Our Farmhouse brings us this helpful how-to on creating a fabulous holiday hairstyles. She shares six different options, in fact, including voluminous ponytails, and a chic low bun.

HOW TO: 10 Ways To Part Your Hair, by Milabu

Sometimes, just changing your hair’s part can make a big difference in your hairstyle. Milabu made an entire YouTube video on 10 different ways that you can part your pelo, which is perfect for trying a different yet easy look during the holiday season.

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