Holiday Makeup Looks You Can Rock to Every Party This Season

Holiday looks can be the most puzzling to put together, especially if you can’t decide between wanting to go glam or donning a more subtle look

Photo: Unsplash/@raphaellovaski

Photo: Unsplash/@raphaellovaski

Holiday looks can be the most puzzling to put together, especially if you can’t decide between wanting to go glam or donning a more subtle look. We put a list together of five holiday party looks that are easy to do and will have you looking amazing.

Classic Winged Liner & Red Lip

If you’re wanting a classic look with a vintage vibe, go with winged eyeliner and a red lip. This look is timeless and chic, and not difficult at all. If the thought of winged eyeliner is a bit daunting to you, don’t worry! My favorite trick is to use a piece of scotch tape for a perfect cat-eye flick. Still not sure? These nine eyeliner hacks will make you into a pro before you head out the door.


Bare Face and a Bold Lip

Don’t want your makeup to steal the spotlight from your killer outfit but still want to look put together? Keep your eyes and face simple, but go bright and bold with your lips. To make sure your lipstick lasts all night, start out with smooth, moisturized lips and apply a matching lipliner as base. Then, apply your lipstick of choice. Don’t forget to bring the two with you for mid-party touch ups!


Glam Berry Tones

Feeling inspired by holiday sugarplums? Rich purple and wine tones are flattering on every skintone and eye color, and achieving the perfect berry look is not as intimidating as it seems. For eyeshadow, keep the crease color dark and the lid color light and shimmery. The deep crease will add dimension, while the shimmer will keep the eye open. We recommend pairing berry tones with gold, as the two complement each other perfectly.


Glitter Eyes

A messy glitter eye is perfect for a fun holiday look. The great thing about glitter is that it doesn’t have to always look perfect, since it’s flattering wherever. NYX’s Pigments are great for achieving this look. Just make sure to apply a base or glitter glue to ensure that the look lasts all night. Also, never use craft store or non-eye safe glitter, as it can cause permanent damage on your corneas!


Sultry Smokey Eye

Want to draw attention to your eyes and define them a bit more? A sultry, smokey eye is perfect for that, and probably one of the easiest, yet most sought-after looks in the book. Apply a medium brown tone in the crease, add a darker brown in the outer corners, and blend together for a gradient effect. Then, pat a neutral shimmery shade on the lid and inner corners of the eye. You can either finish off with a black mascara or wispy false lashes for a bolder look. Keep the lips simple, as your smokey eye will be the star of the show!

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