Photo: Instagram/bearnmind

Holiday Nail Styles You’ll Want to Rock This Season

The holidays are quickly approaching, and what better way to get into the spirit than to deck your nails out in holiday flair! Check out these designs that will have people admiring.

Jeweled Fall Tones

Loving fall and wine tones for the holiday season? Spice up the dark color with a few flatback rhinestones. You can find these at any beauty supply store in the rhinestone color of your choice. Apply with nail glue and you’re all set!

Glitter Accent Nail

Wanting to keep your nails simple but still want to add a festive flair? Choose a complementary glitter polish accent color. The glitter accent nail is a timeless, chic look that adds just the right amount of style.

Classic Snowflakes

A classic snowflake design is the perfect addition to any dark winter nail color! The contrast of the light design and dark base color will give an artistic pop to your nails, and it’s suitable for even after all the festivities have passed.

Plaid Nails


Plaid nails are great for spicing up a basic holiday party outfit. Not to mention, they’re very easy to accomplish! Nail polish stripers are easy to find, and have a longer, thinner brush in order to paint precise lines. Check out this set on Amazon.

Bold Seasonal Designs

Bold holiday designs and nail art are the epitome of uniqueness. If you decide to go with intricate nail art, make sure that you’re committed! Other than that, they’ll definitely have people asking how you did it!

Sugar Plum Fairy Inspired

Pinks and purples are very flattering on every skintone. The warm pinks and purples are very reminiscent of cozy winter nights and ballerinas to me. Winter White

Winter white is often overlooked, since it seems like such a basic nail color to be wearing. However, winter white can often be the best choice, because it looks clean and classic. The winter white will definitely pop against darker skin tones, adding a beautiful contrast.