The Wildest and Fiercest Nail Trends of 2017

2017 has definitely seen some crazy beauty trends, like wavy eyebrows and glitter roots

Photo: Instagram/arozona

Photo: Instagram/arozona

2017 has definitely seen some crazy beauty trends, like wavy eyebrows and glitter roots. But I always think the most interesting trends to see are those done on nails. It’s incredible to see the artistry, creativity, and intricacy that goes into nail art – even with the crazy trends that we’d probably never try ourselves! Take a look at five of these insane nail trends of 2017, and tell us, would you ever give them a shot?

Bubble Nails

These round nails started popping up everywhere on Instagram, and we couldn’t help but stare. Slightly reminiscent of the gumballs you’d go crazy over as a kid, bubble nails are done by applying a ball of acrylic in the center of the nail, and require special care because the thick layer makes it more prone to falling off. They’re unique and definitely bound to draw some attention!

Vampire Fang Nails

Halloween may be over, but the vampire fang nail trend is still going strong. These extremely pointy, razor sharp nails scream fierce. They’re super grunge-y and goth, and not for the faint of heart. If you’re feeling witchy, try these out the next time you visit the salon – just don’t poke your eye out! If you’re looking for a more subtle look, I would suggest coffin nails.

Succulent Nails

Wanna take your love for plants to the next level? Check out these succulent nails! Botanical artist Roz Borg, aka Arozona, creates these nails by using real succulents and floral adhesive  to apply them to fake acrylic nails, which she then wears. Borg tells Cosmopolitan, that the process takes hours, as she glues each succulent on herself. The outcome are super-green, stunning nails that give literal meaning to the phrase “green thumb!”

Aquarium Nails

Aquarium nails are basically like snow globes, but for your nails. They’re made out of hollow acrylics that are filled with baby oil, glitter, charms – basically whatever the wearer desires. Every time you move your nails, the glitter in the “aquarium” moves with them! They probably aren’t the most durable, but they make for a great way to impress people!

Furry Nails

Furry nails can either be subtle and cute or extremely hairy and unconventional – there is no in-between. However, furry nails have been one of the hottest nail trends of 2017. Prepare to be asked a lot of questions when donning these claws out in public!

Boob Nails

We’re all about self-expression, and we think these #boobnails are the perfect way to make the perfect feminist statement. Boob nails are super easy to try out on your own, too!

Pierced Nails

Remember when pierced nails were a thing in the 90s? They’re back! Pierced nails are perfect for both glam and subtle looks, and they add the perfect touch of shine to any mani.

Holographic Nails

Holographic nails have been popular for a while, but they’re still making the rounds in 2017. Holographic tones are eye-catching and flatter any skintone. They make your nails pop, and who doesn’t want that?

Spiral Nails

Last but not least, spiral nails. They’ll have you asking yourself, “How did they do that?!” Nail techs use paintable acrylic to get the spiral shape. It’s a process that requires patience and careful attention to detail, but the outcome is amazing!

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