The Wildest and Fiercest Nail Trends of 2017

2017 has definitely seen some crazy beauty trends, like wavy eyebrows and glitter roots. But I always think the most interesting trends to see are those done on nails. It’s incredible to see the artistry, creativity, and intricacy that goes into nail art – even with the crazy trends that we’d probably never try ourselves! Take a look at five of these insane nail trends of 2017, and tell us, would you ever give them a shot?

Bubble Nails

These round nails started popping up everywhere on Instagram, and we couldn’t help but stare. Slightly reminiscent of the gumballs you’d go crazy over as a kid, bubble nails are done by applying a ball of acrylic in the center of the nail, and require special care because the thick layer makes it more prone to falling off. They’re unique and definitely bound to draw some attention!




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