Holiday Nails to Usher in the Season

December is here, and now that we’ve gotten done with Thanksgiving, that means all-things holiday start coming out

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

December is here, and now that we’ve gotten done with Thanksgiving, that means all-things holiday start coming out. We decorate our tree, make our home festive, and start wearing cozy plaids and chunky sweaters. This festive mood and style extend to our nails, of course, as we like to celebrate every season and occasion with fun corresponding nail art. This means uรฑas in reds and greens, plaids, cable knit, and holiday symbols, from snowflakes to ornaments and famous holiday characters.

Holiday nails are all about having fun, and celebrating the season. You’re probably not going to have the same big party you’ve had other years, but you can still be festive, even if it’s with your at-home mani. We searched on Instagram, and found some of our favorite holiday nail art that will no doubt inspire yours.

Holiday Pattern and Texture

These fun nails, by Rainbow Rebel by Nadia Aicha, deliver the holiday feel with a cable knit pattern, snowflakes, and a wrapping-paper-esque plaid. The neutral colors keep this look neutral but never boring.


Metallic Ornaments and Snowflakes

With seasonal/occasion nails, you can go bold with the art, the colors, or both. These nails, by B-Luxe Nails, keep the color delicate, feminine, and neutral, in a soft gold, while focusing on the snowflake and ornament shapes. Glitter amps up this holiday mani.


Santa-fied French

A French manicure is probably the most classic, go-with-anything manicure style. This makes them the perfect, classy canvas for some fun additions when certain times of year roll around.


Hanukkah Hues of Blue

There are several inspiration photos you can reference on Instagram for Hanukkah-worthy nails. We loved this double French manicure by Cece, featuring the Hanukkah colors of blue and white (in this case, clear). It makes for a striking, celebratory look.


Christmas But Make it Fashion

Holiday nails don’t have to be red and green, gold, or Hanukkah blue. They can be your go-to fashionable colors and prints, but tweaked to suit the season. Just look at these nails by Nails by Cambria. You get a Christmas tree, ornaments, and a wrapped present, but done in a chic cheetah print, flanked by timeless black and white.


Christmas Lights

Want a healthy balance of neutral and fun on your holiday nails? Let your Christmas design really pop against a go-with-anything background, like cream, white, or pink. Like Bel Fountain did on these nails for Savannah James. Festive 3-D Christmas lights get to truly shine against a neutral backdrop.


Mistletoe Tips

Another French manicure that gets the holiday treatment are these by Amber J.H. Nails. The classic French is upgraded with rose gold tips, and sprigs of mistletoe that you can totally hold over your head to get a kiss.


A Touch of the Season

We love our deep, dark burgundy nails, and they’re as popular as ever during the winter season. These nails, by Faime B, take a classic wine hue, and adds just the right amount of holiday-perfect detail in white.


How the Grinchย Stole Christmas Nails

Of course we had to include some holiday pop culture in our holiday nail roundup. Fun characters from films and TV shows often get featured on nails, and during Christmas, this is no different. Devin Strebler created a DECK THE HALLZ Holiday collection of artsy nails, including this sweet, heart-festooned set inspired by How the Grinchย Stole Christmas.


Christmas Trees

It’s fun to see people take different inspirations for holiday nails and create something fresh with them. Like these sophisticated, artsy Christmas tree nails from Nails by Liv. You get a watercolor-esque forest against white, surrounded by forest green matte nails.

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