New Holiday Traditions My Sister and I Created Together for Our Babies

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The holidays are a magical time to celebrate with our cherished familia, indulging in delicious food, raising a glass and most importantly, passing down traditions that will warm our corazones for generations. When it comes to family, my sister has always been a role model for me growing up. I’ve always looked to her as an inspiration and wanted to be just like her. I would borrow her clothes and do everything she did. As we approached adulthood, she became a mom first and I was so proud of the way she was raising my nephews that she was the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant. I take every piece of advice she gives me because she’s an incredible woman, mother and role model.

While I may not have a big group of primos nearby to celebrate the holidays with, I’m so blessed to have my sister. Mi hermana and I are here to show you how we have transformed our holidays into a fiesta of togetherness and love. Together we create memories and new traditions that we hope will be carried from generation to generation. So, let’s raise a glass to loving relationships and follow along as I share the traditions we have started that you might implement with your loved ones as well.

1. Building Primo Bonds

Growing up, my sister and I longed for strong bonds with our primos, and now, as parents, we are blessed to raise our hijos side by side with them. Cultivating traditions has become our mission, ensuring our niños carry them forward, creating the unbreakable primo bonds we always wished for. Creating traditions for them has allowed them to create a bigger bond as primos.

2. A Clean Start

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We cannot stress enough how important it is to kick off the holiday season with a sparkling clean home. We take our cleaning very seriously and lucky for us, our favorite Clorox products, like Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach and Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach, make getting our home ready for the holidays that much easier! With a little música navideña, cleaning together as a family has become one of the most cherished traditions and memorable moments of the season.

3. Nochebuena Swaps

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Every year, my sister and I take turns hosting Noche Buena. We huddle up to decide what platillos to prepare, who brings what and of course, our matching outfits (¡qué guapos!). This year, I’m hosting Nocha Buena at my home, and my sister knows that the best way to prepare a house for family gatherings is by deep cleaning. My sister already knows to bring Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes when coming over to help clean my home. Part of our tradition is that once we finish with the festivities, she stays after to help wipe everything down.

4. Matching Pajama Extravaganza

Another beloved tradition we have embraced is the annual search for matching family pajamas. Months before the holiday season, my sister and I scour the tiendas for the best deals on festively themed, comfy PJs available in all sizes for each member of the familia, including our furry babies. Wearing matching pajamas brings us even closer and the adorable photos of our kids and their primos over the years in their matching PJs are pure joy!  The memories that they will have brings my little corazon so much happiness!

5. Kids in the Kitchen

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We love seeing our kids unleash their creativity in the cocina. A cherished tradition is allowing our niños to prepare their own side dishes for Noche Buena. Their pride and creativity shine as they share their favorite dishes with the familia. We make sure to praise their culinary talents, creating beautiful memories in the process. The sweet faces when we all compliment their dishes are so magical, exactly what the holiday season is all about!

6. Capturing our Favorite Moments along the Way

Each year, as we gather in our matching PJs, we’re creating memories that will last a lifetime. The niños take pride in their contributions to the celebration and our tradition of kids bringing their own dishes has become a beautiful and heartwarming part of our holiday fiesta.

7. Passing the Torch

We are thrilled to pass on these traditions to our hijos, ensuring they continue to foster strong bonds with their primos just as we have done. Our holidays have transformed from a time of longing to a time of joyful celebration and togetherness. 

So, there you have it—seven cheerful traditions that have brought our familia closer than ever. We hope our story inspires you to create your own holiday traditions, share the love with your loved ones and savor every moment during this beautiful season. ¡Felices Fiestas!

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