HipLatina Horoscope: All You Need to Know for the Week of August 27th

After last week’s eclipse, you’d think the world would be falling apart right now. All the hyped up drama and here we are – no war with North Korea. Donald Trump is still our president. And you and I are still sitting here reading our weekly horoscopes, like nothing ever happened.

Except something did happen – and the first week after the new moon is always a quieter time, where we can reflect and renew our commitments to ourselves. We’re not out of the woods yet, and chaos can still ensure. But for now, the planets are doing some pretty gentle work on all of us. Check it out:


This is the kind of week where a soft and gentle approach will take you a long way. Use your instincts now, while taking your time to really read the room. If you can take advantage of the gift of gab the planets are giving you right now, the results can be marvelous.

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