HipLatina Horoscope: All You Need to Know for the Week of August 27th

After last week’s eclipse, you’d think the world would be falling apart right now

Photo: Unsplash/@priscilladupreez

Photo: Unsplash/@priscilladupreez

After last week’s eclipse, you’d think the world would be falling apart right now. All the hyped up drama and here we are – no war with North Korea. Donald Trump is still our president. And you and I are still sitting here reading our weekly horoscopes, like nothing ever happened.

Except something did happen – and the first week after the new moon is always a quieter time, where we can reflect and renew our commitments to ourselves. We’re not out of the woods yet, and chaos can still ensure. But for now, the planets are doing some pretty gentle work on all of us. Check it out:


This is the kind of week where a soft and gentle approach will take you a long way. Use your instincts now, while taking your time to really read the room. If you can take advantage of the gift of gab the planets are giving you right now, the results can be marvelous.


This week will bring the kind of vibes you’ve been looking for … peace and quiet in the mind. No planets are up in your orbit trying to cause any chaos. It’s almost as if the universe has done SO much work in your life the past few months, that they decided to give you a moment to go, so now what? Consider taking the break and recharging your energy this week.


Your ruling planet might be in retrograde, but there’s nothing holding you in the corner this week, baby. In fact you might be feeling even more like yourself this week, as Mars conjuncts your ruling planet and gives you waves of confidence and security. Which is drastically different than you were probably feeling this spring, so I’d say this week is an important time to count your blessings and start taking some new risks while you’re at it. Especially if they ultimately lead to your happiness. wp_*postsCancer

Everything is going to feel right in the world this week, as you will be fresh off the new moon eclipse and feeling clearer than you have in weeks. This week may drive others near you a bit loopy, but do your best to protect this vibe right now. There are still some strong edits to people and situations you need to make for this year to finish in a way you would like. Take the calm energy of the week and start to think of what changes make sense for you next.


As the sun makes its way further from your house this week, you’ll be left with a sense of wonder and joy. You really did it up this summer, and the eclipse really started a whole new chapter in your life (whether you know it or not.) If there’s anything you should try to do with the influence of this week, it would be to visualize how you want the rest of your year to be, so that the universe can fulfill your dream request. Your manifesting skills are strong right now – don’t let it go to waste.


There comes a time in everyone’s life where it can get a little uncomfortable to look in the mirror. This is not one of those times for you, dear Virgo. Even if you aren’t particularly happy, you have the planetary influence to stare the truth in the face and find something positive about it. And that’s a good thing. This is a good week for you to treat yourself to something. You’ve survived a lot this year. And no one deserves a little self-indulgence right now like you do.


The last days of summer is good enough of a reason as any to get turnt and live like there’s no tomorrow. If you really wanted to let your hair down, and skip out on a few responsibilities in the office, I don’t think anyone’s really checkin’ for you this week. Might as well indulge yourself in whatever your paycheck can reasonably afford.


If you can keep your head clear and your actions measured this week, you could find some room to get ahead of the game. This week is all about listening to the wishes of others and trusting that you know exactly what to say. If you can indulge in a little small talk this week (I know… how annoying) you’ll find it easier to get the things you’re wishing for the most.


Someone is distracting your affairs this week, keeping you from seeing things with your normal sense of clarity. With Mercury in retrograde, you should be careful of how you perceive someone right now. Try lifting yourself above any annoyance and understand that sometimes people can’t help but to repeat their mistakes. The only thing you need to control this week is how you respond to them.


Hold on to your butt, little goat. This week is going to pass some unexpected opportunities your way that can potentially get you closer to your goals. The only hiccup is… there is no hiccup, unless you create one. So in the words of the great RuPaul and his exquisite drag show – “don’t eff it up!” This is a week where you can pull ahead in the race, if you stay out of your head.


There’s an energy coming your way this week that is better managed when you lift your arms and go with the flow. Conversations could go sideways, good news can be here and gone the next minute. And then back again for real a few days later. Uranus is just scrambling with everyone in the solar system right now, but momentum is building. Just don’t let yourself get hung up on the details this week. It’s not worth the distraction.


Are you really misunderstood or is your stance just poorly communicated? This is the going back and forth you’ll experience this week as you feel a growing sensation to take your place amongst your peers. Whether it’s getting your husband to do the dishes or finally get the promotion you deserve, you’re going to want what’s due your hard efforts this week, and it’s totally well deserved. Just know that people might have zero clue what you’re thinking, and creative problem solving might be of great aid to you now.

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