HipLatina Horoscopes: Week of June 11th

After the full moon in Sagittarius, and all the crazy emotions that rose out of the woodworks this weekend, many of you are entering this week holding onto both of the rails. I don’t blame you — but I do think you can return to a little bit of chill. The planets are up to

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

After the full moon in Sagittarius, and all the crazy emotions that rose out of the woodworks this weekend, many of you are entering this week holding onto both of the rails. I don’t blame you — but I do think you can return to a little bit of chill. The planets are up to their weird shit this week, but nothing as bad as this weekend. Check out the forecast below!


Birds in the sky… I know how you feel. It’s a new dawn and a new day young Aries and you have every reason to be feeling as good as you do. The planets are giving you a nice dose of chill this week, and you’d be wise to follow the feeling. New projects and ideas are getting a boost from Jupiter who has now gone direct after being in Retrograde. Papa wants to shake off the cobwebs and get a brand new bag. Join in on his fun and see what boundaries you can start to push. Spend time socializing where you can this week, too. It’s a good time to be seen and be on the scene.


Have you tried a yoni egg, yet? How about letting your lover blindfold you and surrendering yourself to their complete control for a night? The cosmos are asking you to put some energy into your personal life. Your ruling planet Venus is giving everyone the bedroom eyes this week (what else is new?!) and she really wants to take some chances and lift the vibrations of your home life. She wants you to feel nurtured. This means swiping more dudes if you’re single, and buying a bedroom swing if you’ve got a man. Kick it up a notch! This influence also asks you to inspect all of your relationship right now. Are some not up to the new standards of you? No halfway crooks allowed. But here’s a strong warning: skip going to happy hour with a harmless work crush. You may bite off a bit more than you can chew; especially if you’re in a relationship and those margaritas are cheap and delicious.


Talk it out, girl. The planets have aligned to give you a good, deep, emotional enema this week and it’s your time to get it all out. Hell, I bet if you decided to do a juice cleanse (alongside the emotional cleanse you’re gonna go through), you’d really be feeling empty of the drama, bad vibes and the bad gas. But good for you, honey. Reading your chart the past few weeks has been like seeing your favorite queen struggle to lip sync for her life on RuPaul’s Drag Race. I know you’ve got the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, but the odds just haven’t been ever in your favor. Time to sashay away from your pain with whatever friends will listen and as many journal entries it takes. Heal up, mama. It’s your time now.


You know what store I love: Target. I can drop $100 on a ton of stuff and walk out of there feeling like Julia Roberts in the shopping scene from Pretty Woman (when she had real money). It’s a fabulous feeling; and one I suggest you try this week. How’s your home vibes feeling, my friend? Are the bills shredded? Is the carpet clean? When’s the last time you washed that dusty old duvet? Spend energy focused on the home this week and making it your favorite place in the world. Because people are going to piss you off this week, most likely. The planets are crazy and you aren’t really gonna be down for the clowning around. A home where you can recharge your battery is the place you need to put your energy.


Have you read Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People? It’s old as hell, and filled with so many relevant, must-know sentences, that you start to wonder if Carnegie was messing with bruja side-pieces back in the day. I mention this, because you need a playbook, Miss Leo. You’ve got the energy, but I’m not seeing a strategy. And so much of the success and moves you want to make require you to have some sort of understanding of how people work, and how you can work with their energy. Time for you to get a bit witchy, with it. Work on your intuition, and practice trusting your gut all week. Double down, and grab the book mentioned above and any that will help you accelerate your progress. The planets are keeping some things a bit at arms length, at the moment. Studying up will help you close the gap and see through the fog later on.


This week, when you feel the underwire of your life’s bra start to poke your sides — rip it out. Then rip out the other underwire, too. It’s a bit unstructured, I know. But why fight the feeling of being free? I see you wanting to push aside some old restrictive habits this week — so do it, homie. Go braless! Get lost on alien videos on YouTube or fill out that form on the “Move to Vancouver” website and get more information. Curiosity is a great influence for you at this time, because over the past few years you’ve learned a lot about who you are, and have pieced together in recent months who you don’t want to be. The picture isn’t clear yet, but daydreaming and allowing yourself to search out some answers, however crazy they may be, is an excellent way to figure it all out.


You remind me of the teenager stuck at the kids table, this week. Why can’t any of the adults see that you don’t really fit there? That the table is too short, and your legs are squished? It’s silly, really, that people don’t always see what you’re capable of. That you’ve outgrown the roles they’ve placed you in and are ready for bigger and more brilliant challenges. Here’s the thing — you’ve been onto something for a while now, and momentum is building. Whether you believe it or not. Mars has been riding with you for a minute, and spreading a good word about who you are and what you’re made of. You just need to ignore your ruling planet, Venus, and her temptation to make any shortcuts right now. I know you want more, and the planets want to give you more. Reach for gratitude and patience this week, to help you wait this phase out. And… maybe get laid. That should help, too.


Well, someone stepped back on the stage, wearing her favorite Katniss dress and is ready to be the girl on fire. Welcome back, boo. It’s been a while. You can thank Jupiter for waking up out of retrograde and pushing fools out of your way. I hope you said goodbye to those who have been holding you down recently, because the stars are lining up to make your dreams come true. This is a great week to start fresh and new. What new projects do you want to work on? Are there some changes you want to make in the office? How about a new career over all? Ask yourself these questions and take one step further and put things into motion. Even if it’s just asking for a brochure or casually sending an email inquiry. The opportunities are endless now — and hearing the word ‘no’ won’t phase or stop you at all.


I want you to take both of your hands, cup them into a C shape, and then put them on the outside of your both of your eyes. You should only be able to see what’s in front of you, and nothing else to your sides. This is the view I want you to have this week. Focus, girl. Focus. Give your goals your full stare and smize and don’t look at what anyone else is doing. And more importantly, don’t stop to explain what you’re doing. This influence in your chart is great for slaying the game, but it also tempts you to start telling everyone how good you think you are slaying … and they just might not be down for the brag session! In fact, they could clap back and send you on a tailspin that would knock your productivity out of orbit . It’s not worth it. Show the receipts to your fabulousness later. Just get to work on what you’re doing now, and keep them lips shut.


There are two kinds of people in this world: the kind who can still use a cracked iPhone and the kind who can’t. This week, I suspect that you’ll see a lot of cracks in the relationship and goals you’ve been working on. And I see every indication that you’re no longer the type of person who’s going to let those cracks hold you back. You’ll work with them, swipe around them, and eventually bend them to something more normal that you can deal with. Uranus is working with Saturn this week to help you start new changes amongst the chaos of the other planets around you now. All you need to know is that you are the kind of person who can make a cracked iPhone work for a year or until the renewal contract is ready. Tough it out this week knowing you have that kind of power.


Hey, Aquarius – stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Remember that game when you were a kid? When some older sibling or cousin would grab your arm and use it to swing your own hand against your face? It’s silly really … but a useful picture of how the planets are working your chart this week. Like older siblings, sort of bullying you into seeing that you really have three options in this life … you can either keep your hand in a fist, fight hard, and hurt yourself in the process, or you can relax your hands, go with the flow, anticipate what’s coming and duck out of the way when you can. You’ll take a few hits to the face, but it’s nothing you can’t recover from. Or better yet, you could even avoid hanging out with people who cause you harm and annoyance in the first place. It’s really up to you. Might I suggest you learn from the past few months, and pick your battles wisely this week.


I so badly want to see you do you this week — to cut everyone off that you can, and to live in that cushy place that is your brain and think, dream, and journal everything that comes to mind that makes you happy and that you think you can make happen. The planets suggest that you may be surrounded by people who aren’t seeing how important this space is to your soul and your being. But the planets are asking that you really demand the space this week — there is information and inspiration that they are trying to download into your head. Ways of going about your daily life that could be greatly improved. But you have to stick up for yourself this week and demand that self-care time. No one’s going to give it to you otherwise.[tps_footer][article_ad][/tps_footer]

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