HipLatina Horoscopes: Week of June 11th

After the full moon in Sagittarius, and all the crazy emotions that rose out of the woodworks this weekend, many of you are entering this week holding onto both of the rails. I don’t blame you — but I do think you can return to a little bit of chill. The planets are up to their weird shit this week, but nothing as bad as this weekend. Check out the forecast below!


Birds in the sky… I know how you feel. It’s a new dawn and a new day young Aries and you have every reason to be feeling as good as you do. The planets are giving you a nice dose of chill this week, and you’d be wise to follow the feeling. New projects and ideas are getting a boost from Jupiter who has now gone direct after being in Retrograde. Papa wants to shake off the cobwebs and get a brand new bag. Join in on his fun and see what boundaries you can start to push. Spend time socializing where you can this week, too. It’s a good time to be seen and be on the scene.




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