6 Hottest Players of the 2017 World Baseball Classic

My hubs has had the MLB channel on nonstop for the past week trying to catch every single game of the World Baseball Classic

Photo: Unsplash/@rocinante_11

Photo: Unsplash/@rocinante_11

My hubs has had the MLB channel on nonstop for the past week trying to catch every single game of the World Baseball Classic. I love baseball, but it’s annoying when a sporting event makes your man commandeer the TV for weeks on end, right?  Don’t despair, I created a game during the last World Cup where I would share photos of all the hot guys on the pitch with my girlfriends. Well ladies, this game works with ALL the sports. So, here you have it, the finest dudes of the World Baseball Classic. You’re Welcome.


Jose Altuve

Altuve is a second baseman for the Houston Astros when he’s not working the infield for Team Venezuela. But it’s his megawatt smile and his clinch hitting abilities that make him a dreamboat.

Robinson Cano

Cano was an amazing middle infielder for the Yankees and one of my favorite players until he was traded to the Seattle Mariners for an insane amount of cash. Now he’s repping hard for the formidable team from la Republica Dominicana and looking good while doing it.

Francisco Cervelli


Cervelli is the starting catcher for what has (shockingly enough) shaped up to be an Italian team NOT to be trifled with! After beating Mexico, they went down to PR, DR and Venezuela but they have put up a fight each and every time no doubt with the help of one super hot guy named Cervelli.


Javier Baez

Javi Baez has had one hell of a year! After winning the World Series with the underdog Chicago Cubs, he has pretty much made AMAZING tags his calling card and his adorable face is just an added bonus.


Sergio Romo

Veteran pitcher Sergio Romo wants you to know he just LOOKS illegal and it’s not just his sense of humor that’s wicked. So is his arm and that smile! Now with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the righty has publicly declared that “dad” is his most important job title. Awwwww…


Giancarlo Stanton

I saved the best for last ladies! Giancarlo Stanton, oh glorious physical specimen that he is is currently gracing Team USA with his perfect presence in the outfield. Though the team tends to underperform at the WBC, it doesn’t get any better than this, amIright?!

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