How To Take Care of Your Plants While You Are Traveling

For a garden lover, going on a trip represents an additional planning process for the preparation of your luggage

Photo: Unsplash/@prudenceearl

Photo: Unsplash/@prudenceearl

For a garden lover, going on a trip represents an additional planning process for the preparation of your luggage. Whether it’s for vacations or work, we consider how long we will be out of our home to know what we will do with our plants.

If it is a short trip, a week or less, we are sure that our plants will survive without our constant attention. They could even have a better appearance when we return. The concern arises when we leave for more than ten days, and we know that we will have crops in the orchard that will need attention for harvest or to control their pests. Also, with flowering plants or aromatic herbs that need continuous irrigation.

So if you are already planning your next vacation, I share with you five solutions for your plants to survive your absence:

Coordinate with a garden sitter. If you can get someone from your family to take care of your plants that would be fantastic. But sometimes it is better to free them from this responsibility to avoid disappointment on return.

If you understand that taking care of your plants could represent a challenge for some of your relatives, coordinate with trusted friends. If they are garden lovers, better. Leave special instructions for those delicate plants, and what to do if there are fruits ready to harvest or how to proceed to a pest.

Place your plants in a sink or container. You can create a type of tub to accommodate small or medium plants that are sown in clay or stone pots. At the bottom of the bathtub, place gravel and on it wet earth or peat moss. Accommodates the pots. The plants will absorb the water through the pores of the pots as they need moisture.

Move the plants away from the windows. Move them from sunny areas and pass them to another part of the house that is cool and shaded most of the time. Remove withered leaves and buds. Plants without buds will need less water.

Create a greenhouse for large plants. Use the plastic where the clean laundry comes from the laundry and create a greenhouse effect. Pour water into the plant and place it inside the bag. Use a stake or stick to prevent the bag from falling on the leaves and help you hold the clasp with a cord. In this way the water can not evaporate and keep the plant moist.

Absorb by cloth sorbetos. For plants that are in plastic pots, use a string of absorbent cloth. They could be the strips of the mapo or mop (clean), moisten it and bury one of the ends in the pot. The other end, place it inside a container full of water. The plants will absorb through that cord.

In the garden centers you will find special products to keep your plants hydrated for long periods. Before going on a trip, water each plant deeply. Eliminate withered plants, harvest as much as you can and secure your pots and pans for any inclement weather that may occur while you are away.

And of course, enjoy your trip!

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