8 Latinx Celebrity Chefs Who Give Back

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, chef José Andrés didn’t wait for anyone else to help — he jumped in right away and has, by today’s count, provided millions of meals to people who need aid. His work has been so outstanding that he has been named the James Beard Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year. And the count of his meals? Over three million thanks to his relief-oriented organization World Central Kitchen. He himself has spent the past year running from one disaster-ravaged area to the next, so this honor is no surprise.

Thanks to all of his incredible work, many in Puerto Rico are getting help despite the poor U.S. response. He’s not the only celebrity chef who gives back, though. Many take it to heart and help the communities around them. From Lorena Garcia’s “Big Chef, Little Chef” program to Jose Garces’ Garces Foundation, here are eight Latinx chefs who give back.

1. José Andrés

José Andrés has just been named the James Beard Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year due to all of the aid he has provided around the world. In particular, Andrés has provided millions of meals to the residents of Puerto Rico and is still working to help those affected by the destruction of Hurricane Maria in September 2017.




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