The 15 Most Iconic Latinx-Owned Fragrances of All Time

Photo: Pexels

March 21 is National Fragrance Day. What better way to celebrate than to look at some of the best fragrances created by fellow Latinos. But unfortunately, there isn’t enough shine given to Latino-owned fragrances. It’s a bit ironic considering Brazil is the largest market in the entire world for perfume. As a result, we decided to highlight a few scents created by Latinos.

The following 15 scents are from Latinx fashion designers, singers/actors, beauty creators, hair moguls, along with those old school brands our abuelitas, mamis, and tias swore by for decades. We made sure to provide you with a little background on each fragrance’s creator along with a breakdown of its notes. Don’t blame us if this motivates you to run out and buy a few of these. Just thank us instead!




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