30 Iconic Latinx Roles in American Film and Television

Photo: Wikipedia

There hasn’t been a ton of roles for Latinxs in either television or film. It’s been challenging getting our stories out there and giving the world a better glimpse into who we are and what we stand for, especially from a cinematic standpoint. The establishment has even gone so far as to give parts portraying real-life Latinx people, such as Salvadorean physicist Alicia Nash — in the Oscar-winning film, A Beautiful Mind — to Anglo actors (in this case Jennifer Connelly). So when a Latino actor or actress actually gets to play a Latino part, it’s worthy of celebration.  Some of those roles have even become iconic and become significant in our pop culture, history, and identity.

We wanted to highlight 30 such Latinx TV or movie roles that were actually portrayed by Latinx actors. Many of these parts you will know and love, and hopefully, the others will encourage and inspire you to watch new shows and movies ASAP. As with all things Latinx — check it out, learn about it, and feel free to share with others!




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