8 Ikea Hacks That Will Help Your Home Go From Drab to Fab

You might have heard about Ikea’s latest “controversy.” They issued this sassy response to high-end designer Balenciaga’s $2,145 imitation of their signature 99 cent Frakta tote bag. You’re likely to already be very familiar with the original from your last trip to Ikea, where you inevitably picked one up after realizing that you “needed” too many things from the furniture store that might be confused with the Swedish embassy.

This ironic copycat has made Ikea’s tote one of the most talked about bags of this fashion season. But we thought we would show you some more practical (and cheaper!) options of how to take something good from Ikea and make it even better. Whether you’re looking to re-invent something you already have, or want to think outside the box on your next visit to Ikea, here are some fun hacks for you to try.

Unfinished Wood Ikea Hack

Photo Credit Sarah Hearts

Add a Pop of Color

More and more Ikea products are coming in unfinished wood. Don’t feel intimidated—get inspired! Pick up some paint, maybe in a few different shades. Add some tape or stencils if you want to be creative with patterns and add some flair to your furniture. Create a colorful outdoor bench following Sarah Hearts’s tutorial here.





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