Lola’s POV: It’s Time to Live in the Moment

We’re often thinking 10 steps ahead of time when we do something

Lola Montilla

Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla

We’re often thinking 10 steps ahead of time when we do something. What’s the next move? What’s going to come out of this? How will I handle it later?

There’s one thing I’ve learned recently – Live in the Moment. For me, life has always been one big roller coaster of feelings, of moments, and time. I’ve always wanted to live my life in the fast lane because it was simply second nature. But while doing so, I realize now, I’ve missed out.


After my heart surgery, I noticed that life is short, and you never know when your last day might come around, so I wanted to fast forward my life in order to live through everything before I hit the bucket. Those who know me best, know that I do a billion things at a time, but eventually I crumble from the pressure and my parents (and my body) tell me that I need to slow down. Which is why I’ve learned – if life is indeed short, why fast forward it when you can live in the moment.

If you follow my Instagram, you know how I am a photo-obsessed diva, with a shameless fascination for documenting life. I’ve met so many people and taken pictures with them – but it’s not the picture that captures life, it’s the instance in which you look at that picture and remember a conversation, the color of the person’s eyes, and the tone of their voice. You lived in the moment.

During my trip to Los Angeles California, where I find myself writing this blog, I’ve noticed how truly beautiful the world looks from the sky, something I would have never done if I hadn’t been open to this life lesson. I looked out into the horizon from the Griffith Observatory and I cried. The tears flushed out of my eyes. I was overcome with emotion, and a blend of gratitude, nostalgia, and for my life. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

Maybe the heat got to me, maybe it was because I had not seen anything so perfect in such a long time, maybe I had to be that high to notice how even the biggest and tallest building seems insignificant from a distance. Maybe, just maybe, I had to stand that high and removed, with the sun hitting my eyes, to look ahead for miles and notice how far I was from the ones I love. As the sun went down, and there was no signal on my cell phone, I was forced to slow down, and was left alone with my thoughts and emotions, which is not something that happens often. I stood there for a good 15 minutes before I wiped my tears and continued my trip into the galaxy.

It was then and there that I truly realized how much time gets wasted by trying to trick time, by overthinking, by racing ourselves to outrun our own lives. So, as I take time to get acquainted with this new motto, and begin living by it, I invite you to do the same. Don’t beat yourself for the days that are gone. Don’t fear or anticipate the ones we have yet to live. Live in the moment, and enjoy the sweet gift of now.

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