5 Inspirational Makeup Videos That Will Move You to Tears

Have you ever caught yourself looking at a woman with a full face of makeup and found yourself judging her? If I’m keeping it real, the truth is I definitely have. In that moment, my cruel mind probably thought something like, “what’s she trying to cover up with all that makeup?” Now that I’m able to check myself, I know the truth is, if she was trying to cover something, it’s none of my business and if she wanted to wear all that makeup because it made her her feel flawless as hell, good for her. Who am I to hate on that?

Unfortunately, with apps like Instagram and Facebook, the judging and hateration has reached an all-time high in society. (At least it feels that way). Which is why some insanely honest beauty bloggers have been taking on society’s beauty standards and sharing their insecurities along with any criticism they’ve received. Women from all different walks of life are making makeup tutorials where they highlight the obstacles they’ve overcome, while making sure their highlight is on point.

So the next time you start to judge a woman in a video or someone walking down the street, just remember we all have a story and a struggle, as these five inspirational makeup videos indicate.




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