Inspiring Lunch Box Notes for Niños at Any Age!

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We are an unapologetic Foodie Familia. Every… Single… Person in our intergenerational home! It started with our most revered roommate: my mom, Amparo.  I remember she would make each meal not just delicious but special, even from afar via my packed school lunch. As a mom of a teenage daughter about to start high school – sigh…¡no lo creo!–  and a pre teen son, I’ve carried on that tradition with their school lunches and have long packed a Yoplait Go-Gurt treat in their lunches that also happen to celebrate their culture.  

And parents, I have a tip: when you can, surprise your niños with the cute personalized lunch notes to brighten their day. If writing isn’t your thing or you don’t know where to start… no worries, our friends at Yoplait Go-Gurt and myself have you covered.  Just keep reading…  😉 

Sofia and Solomon have long loved Go-Gurt because of how delicious it is.  As a busy mom (those two words together are so redundant to me, btw) over the years, their fruity creamy Go-Gurt treat has been a go-to in their lunch.  It’s just always been a win-win and how many of us moms need many more of those than anything else with all that we have to juggle and decide for our kids?! 

Now here is how I’ve upgraded the experience of having one of their favorite lunchbox treats: I keep the box of Go-Gurt in the freezer, drop it in their lunchbox frozen before they leave for school and when lunchtime rolls around, the Go-Gurt is thawed and ready to enjoy!  On the weekends my son sneaks in the freezer and grabs the frozen treat while taking a quick break from playing his favorite video games and eats them. He thinks it’s a guilty pleasure and I’m here for it because I know there’s nothing bad about him having a delicious yogurt treat.  

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Let’s get back to the tip on the lunch notes.  With all the ways technology is globalizing not just the human experience but our kids’ educational experience, they’re doing more typing and less writing pen to paper.  And the older the kiddos get the more prevalent this point has become. I don’t want them to lose the joy of getting a handwritten note from someone they know loves them took the time to physically write out.  There’s bonding magic in that experience and I started doing this (not all the time but from time to time) when the kids were in Kindergarten.  As they have got older I’ve mixed things up by also doing cultural fun facts, a joke, or Minecraft themed riddle… things that are personalized since both children have unique interests.  

But Yoplait Go-Gurt –yet again– is coming through for us busy parents with their personalized, culture infusing, and simplified note templates that you can download, print, and personalize for your kids whether they are learning the alphabet or how to do algebra. There’s the variety of the pre-printed messages like “Echale ganas” for mornings when there just isn’t time to think of a message to write as well as longer format with space to write small to longer notes. 

Having a sense of belonging is so critical as our children grow into adulthood.  As our kids start the school year and aren’t physically with us at lunch time, a sweet Go-Gurt treat coupled with the personalized note from Mami or Papi will cultivate their belonging to our familia and as they grow, their broader community.  

Disclaimer: Kids under 5 years may have difficulty swallowing frozen Go-GURT Yogurt. Please be sure to thaw before serving. 

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