21 Empowering Instagram Accounts Every Latina Should Follow

We always need positivity and words of encouragement, but they’re especially essential now

Latina Instagram Accounts

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We always need positivity and words of encouragement, but they’re especially essential now. Reminders that we are part of a larger community, are going through the same things, and are getting through it all together are crucial and literally life-saving at the moment. The world needs all the uplifting and empowering it can get.

That’s why we live for Latina Instagram accounts that we can click on at any time to find comfort, inspiration, a good laugh, or a great story. These help us get through the day on a high note, instantly shifting our mood to one of someone who can successfully take on the world. That’s why were are so grateful for these 21 Latina Instagram accounts that we religiously check in with every day. Check them out too, give them a follow, and share them with the world!



Need to be reminded of what a chingona you are? Then head over to Chingona Manifest, where you will find empowering quotes, funny memes, and reminders of how awesome you really are.



We are so happy that there are Instagram accounts that highlight and celebrate Afro-Latinas and Afrolatinidad. One that we particularly suggest checking out is AfroLatinas. Lately, they’ve been celebrating the class of 2020 by sharing pics and stories of Afro-Latinas who have finished their studies and are ready to take on the world.



#WeAllGrow Latina is a community that has been “elevating the voices and stories of Latinas since 2010.” On their Instagram page, you will find inspirational words, learn about their online free AMIGAS community, events, webinars, and more. #WeAllGrow Latina keeps us all connected, which is something we need so badly right now.



Super Mamás is a podcast, event series, and community for moms co-founded and hosted by Bricia Lopez and Paulina Lopez. But you don’t have to be a mother to get inspiration from their uplifting Instagram account. There, you’ll find financial tips, posts to make you laugh, and quotes that will keep your eyes on your goals.



Latina Rebels has one of those Instagram accounts that calls out BS, while also sharing facts, and uplifting you with positive words and affirmations. You’ll learn something new, discover great books to read, have a laugh, and feel empowered.




We want to always feel like mujeres poderosas, but everyone needs a helpful reminder now and then. That’s when you head over to Instagram accounts like Latinas Poderosas. The page will introduce you to the important Latinas poderosas of history, like Maxima Acuña, Berta Caseres, and Dolors Huerta, as well as the Latinas who are continuing the legacy of powerful Latina women.



Latinas Uprising is an Instagram account that serves as a “community for the Modern #LatinaLawyer, guiding #lawtinas [through] their careers.” While Latinas studying or practicing law will find helpful tips and inspiration, other Latinxs will also find helpful hints, encouragement, and positive words you need to read.



Didn’t get to go to LATINAFest last year? It’s okay! Their Instagram account brings all the positive vibes of the Latinx festival and events to the masses. There, you will get to check out IG live interviews with important Latinas, funny posts, reposts of inspiring art, and more.



Latinx Therapy has been at the forefront of “demystifying mental health stigmas in the Latinx community.” On their Instagram page, you will learn effective tips for maintaining good mental health, learn more about therapy, find resources for Latinx therapists, and information on workshops and podcast episodes.



Corazon Counseling is another great resource for wellness. They describe their Instagram page as a “culturally rooted, community wellness space for families.Facilitating healing through ancestral medicine, mente, cuerpo, y corazon.” Check out their La Cultura Cura Virtual Care Circle Series, Virtual Support Groups and Virtual Motherhood Circles; events like these are just what we need in such an isolating time.



Yet another great Instagram page for learning more about therapy is Therapy for Latinx. “Mental health is challenging,” their bio states. “Finding a therapist shouldn’t be.” On their profile, you find valuable resources, learn how to find a great therapist, and see so many inspiring and uplifting words.




If It’s Latina approved, we’re here for it. The Instagram account of the same name is the home of all things Latina, with quotes you need to read, news, funny posts, and more.



Voto Latino is a different kind of Instagram. It is empowering because it informs us of things we can do to get the justice that we seek and the change that we need. The news isn’t always great, but the rallying behind the causes is.



We love Eva Longoria-Baston and how she reps hard for the culture. Her foundation’s Instagram page has the “mission is to empower Latinas through education and entrepreneurship.” This is where you go for #LivewithEva conversations on IG live, stories about Latina trailblazers, and plenty of inspiration for the next generation about to make important moves.



Latina to Latina is a podcast, hosted by Alicia Menendez and Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, “bringing your weekly dose of Latina greatness.” You can listen to new episodes every Monday, and head over to their Instagram page for inspiring posts, uplifting quotes, and profiles on successful Latinas (interviewed on the podcast).



We love when inspiring messages join forces with dope clothing for empowering gear. Viva La Bonita is such a brand, emblazoning their tees, hoodies, and more with words we need to see on the regular. Their Insta page is just as fierce, and continues the vibe of repping “women who are fearless.”



Kim Guerra of Brown Badass Bonita has made a name for herself using her poetic words to uplift and help heal Latinxs everywhere. She too, melds bold messages and fashion, in a “brand and movement set on empowering badass mujeres to give themselves wings and through revolutionary self-love.”



Atypical Latina is “founded by a Latina, to change the life of Latinas.” They’re “a lifestyle brand dedicated to fighting for equal representation in the Latina community.” There, you will find important, uplifting words you need to see on the daily; helpful tips, and a sense of community support.




Describing herself as a “healing mami,” @gorditaapplebum uses her Instagram page as a vessel through which she shares inspiring, encouraging words. Added bonus? Photos or her adorable kitten Nube. Total win-win.



Bella Doña isn’t just a brand, it’s a way of life. The L.A.-based company constantly puts out encouraging words on their Instagram page that’ll keep you feeling like a fierce badass. It’s like a homegirl setting you straight and uplifting you at the same time.



We don’t mean to brag (we don’t mean to boast), but you’ll find plenty of life inspo right on HipLatina’s Instagram page! We aim to share important information and the latest in Latinx news, but also provide those little bits of encouragement and positivity, that will remind you of the badass Latina you are.

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