Ivy Queen and J Balvin Might be Collaborating on a New Song and We’re Here for it

The lack of artists who have gone out of their way to collaborate with reggaeton reina, Ivy Queen has been shocking, to say the least

Photo: Instagram/ivyqueendiva

Photo: Instagram/ivyqueendiva

The lack of artists who have gone out of their way to collaborate with reggaeton reina, Ivy Queen has been shocking, to say the least. The reggaetonera recently admitted that half of the industry has left her on read, in regards to future collabs with the exception of a few — including J Balvin.

People think I don’t want to collab, but that’s not my case,” she told Telemundo. J Balvin, Cardi B, Ozuna, and Rosalía have been on Ivy Queen’s list of potential artists she’d like to collaborate with. In July, Balvin expressed on Instastories how he’d love to work with her. Ivy Queen shared the video to her Instagram while shouting him out. 


But as down as she is to work with Balvin, she’s not exactly sure what a song together would sound like and to be honest I’m not sure myself. Not only are their musical styles drastically different but their lyric game is also very different. Ivy Queen is known for lyrics that empower women. I don’t see her compromising that for anyone —regardless of how talented the artist may be. In fact, lyrics are exactly what’s had her hesitant about the possible collaboration.

“He and I want to release a song that… [you know], we’re two different kinds of lyrics,” she said before taking a pause. “There’s Balvin’s lyrics and then there are mine, which are always in defense of women. We have to come to an agreement so we can sit down and come up with lines that are as global as possible, with no contempt for women.”

Regardless, these two are going to have to come to an agreement of sorts. Either way, I’m hoping this collaboration actually happens because it would be straight up fuego. Ivy Queen is still very much the reggaetonera OG. She’s the queen of the genre. While Balvin has been breaking musical records left and right. He’s one of the top reggaeton artists right now. He’s broken records in Latin America and just recently in Puerto Rico for selling out the opening night of his Arcoiris Tour at El Choli, San Juan’s largest indoor arena. He’s had phenomenal streaming numbers, has dominated South American charts and is now making it big in the mainstream English-speaking market. Four of his music videos have over 1 billion YouTube views. That’s pretty major.

Balvin has become so mainstream that even former President Barack Obama listens to him. He recently added “Con Altura” to his playlist. This gives me even more reason to believe that a single with Ivy Queen is bound to go viral. In an ideal world, I’d love to see Ivy just drop a new album and feature artists like J Balvin, Cardi B, Ozuna, Rosalía and crossing my fingers she’d work with Bad Bunny too! Do I believe things could already be in the works? Sure. But we can wind up waiting longer than we’d like. Let’s not forget how Ivy Queen got together with a few reggaetoneras last year, including Karol G and even recorded a song called “Un Dia Sin Nosotras.” We’ve yet to hear it. Here’s to hoping some of this new music pops off this year. I don’t think I can wait another year.


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