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J.Lo Gave An Impromptu Performance While On Vacation and A.Rod Loved Every Minute of It

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been on an extraordinary vacation in Italy and they’ve taken us along — sort of. The couple has been documenting every second of their trip on Instagram and we cannot get enough. From casual strolls at the open air market to beautiful evenings on yachts, these two look like they’re on their honeymoon.

Last night, however, it was as if J.Lo was back to work. You know, doing what what she does best, performing on stage. But she wasn’t. She was still in Italy and out to dinner when the house band starting playing her song: “Let’s Get Loud.” This throwback song is one of her favorite J.Lo songs and looks like she loves it too.

J.Lo — who has a new movie coming and another film project — got on stage and performed the song as if it was just another J.Lo show and the people were loving it.

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Let’s get loud in Capri 🇮🇹

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You know who else seemed impressed? Her man! Check out his expression just by watching her get on stage like it’s no big thing. J.Lo wasn’t just singing, the girl was getting down like real down.

Something tells us that J.Lo is preparing for her big VMA Vanguard Award by performing and dancing to her old tunes. If this little impromptu performance is a glimpse to what we can expect during the VMAs, we cannot wait!