‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Ninety-Eight Recap: Bidding War of the Roses

It’s almost the end of Jane The Virgin folks and we’ve got so much to cover in Chapter Ninety-Eight with return appearances by Michael — yes! THAT Michael! We also have kidnappings and alien costumes, EFT tapping and cyanide, and so much more

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

It’s almost the end of Jane The Virgin folks and we’ve got so much to cover in Chapter Ninety-Eight with return appearances by Michael — yes! THAT Michael! We also have kidnappings and alien costumes, EFT tapping and cyanide, and so much more. Let’s dive in!

Jason/Michael’s Surprise Return

Our episode begins with Jane doing some major therapy work (including EFT tapping) to ease her anxiety about Rose being on the loose. She’s also dealing with waiting on a book deal, but finds out that there’s a bit of a problem: Michael never signed away the rights to her writing about his life. It feels like a bit of a stretch to bring him back for that, but wouldn’t you know it? When Jane calls him in Montana, he ends up calling her back letting her know he’s in Florida to see her. 

Michael agrees to meet Jane but he brings a surprise guest: his new fiance… Charlie! Yep, you remember the last time we saw these two, Charlie had a shotgun on both Michael and Jane. But apparently Michael knocked her up and they’re getting hitched. Only problem? She’s not cool with Jane’s portrayal of Michael in her book. Fortunately, Charlie gives Michael and Jane space and when Michael confesses that he’ll do anything for Charlie (including not sign), Charlie overhears and gives her blessing. While my #TeamMichael self is always excited to see him on screen, it was actually pretty devastating to see the lengths they’ve gone to assassinate his character. I’ll choose to remember him as he once was.

Ro and Xo and NY, too

Remember how Rogelio found out River was moving the show to New York? It’s left him in a conundrum, but fortunately, everyone’s been supportive. Xo found a nursing program in the city and Darcy seems open to moving as well. The only challenge? Convincing Esteban so that they can all move. Ro ends up having to woo Esteban throughout the entire episode, trying to coax him back into the world of acting. He finally does the one thing he’s sure will work: he offers Esteban a part on The Passions/This Is Mars. Esteban accepts because he was hustling Rogelio from the start. All he wanted was to get a prominent gig and sure enough, he landed it. But does that mean they’ll all definitely be moving to New York? 

Rose’s Revenge 

When Jane returns from her bizarre meeting with Michael, she finds Rose in her apartment. Rose takes her hostage and forces her to call Luisa’s hiding place in Belize, demanding she returns or else Rose begins to kill people she loves. At one point, Jane and Rose end up at the Marbella (wearing alien costumes) and head to the roof but not before Raf notices them from afar. As Jane and Rose argue on the rooftop (where a helicopter seems to be waiting to take Rose and, eventually Luisa to presumably some other secluded spot), Raf comes out of nowhere and tackles Rose. Raf and Jane run but Rose pulls a pistol out and stops them in their tracks. 

Just then, who should show up but Luisa? She claims she’s going to take cyanide, which confuses Rose. But when she kisses Rose right after taking the “pill”, Rose realizes it was just a tic-tac. Luisa pushes Rose down the stairwell she’s standing in front of and the evil villain of our story is finally killed and impaled in front of dozens of people at the Marbella.

Fast forward to the next scene and we find a happy reunion between Luisa, Raf, and Jane, including an invitation for Luisa to come to their wedding. Finally, it turns out Luisa can finally be trusted.

Jane’s Book Deal

Jane’s agent calls her up with a book deal from Little Brown for $25,000. Unfortunately, it was when Jane was still Rose’s hostage, and Rose forces her to reject it. Her agent ends up sending her book into a bidding war and by the end of it all, Jane’s book doesn’t just get one bid, but several to the grand sum of $500k! It’s pretty wild considering this is only Jane’s second book, but also, YAY JANE!! We are excited and happy for you!! We all just hope we can land $500k book deals someday too. 

So what’s left for the final two episodes of Jane the Virgin? Will Ro finally decide to move or will he give up his dreams for good? Will Raf and Jane’s wedding go without a hitch? Did they ever catch all the imposter Rose’s and find out what the entire plot was? Did Luisa give all that money over to the cops or did she keep it for her and Rafael? Will Petra ever find love again? Guess we’ll have to keep watching.

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