January’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Will Be Biggest Limpieza Ever

Welcome to the new decade! The cosmos did not come to play with all that is going on in the sky Jan

Photo: Unsplash/@mikepetrucci

Photo: Unsplash/@mikepetrucci

Welcome to the new decade! The cosmos did not come to play with all that is going on in the sky Jan. 10th.

What a time to be alive. The intuitive, Scorpio rapper Drake must’ve channeled this now with the appropriately catchy phrase, but if we really think about it, that was a premonition because we are living in epic rare cosmic times as we welcome the Age of the Aquarius (current cosmological era).

As we navigate the turbulent and uncharted waters of this Cancer full moon lunar eclipse, we can expect emotions to flow like tides of radical change. In short, get ready to wash away all that does not serve you.

The effects of the lunar eclipse will last for six months to come. You might encounter instant upheaval or see this energy progress in stages. With the party going on in Capricorn, there will be a simultaneous stellium five planets in opposition to the moon come Jan. 11th. This means, not only are we energetically influenced by Cancer’s energy and the steroid impact of the lunar eclipse, but we also have the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricornian playground shouting at mother moon in opposition.

This lunar eclipse will create heightened psychic awareness for those who are especially sensitive. For those who do not consider themselves to be intuitive, expect your intuition to be on full blast speaking to you via a loud megaphone as you won’t be able to tune out that little big voice inside of you directing you towards making some big changes in your life. Be sure to think things through as Pluto in Capricorn will bring encouragement of death to cycles and rebirths of power struggles. On top of that potentially detrimental dynamic, Mercury will be very vocal as he sits in Capricorn wanting to express his needs. You will be flexing that throat chakra and talking that talk. This can be positive for those ready to finally speak their truth, as you realize you’ve reached an expiration date on an impending setback or toxic lover.

Inner peace is key with this major lunar eclipse. No matter what occurs, try to find moments of solitude to tap into your inner sanctuary during possible chaos with this full moon. The luna is in her natal home of Cancer, which means home life, nurturing needs, and mother archetypes are up for some possible shifts. Meanwhile, Capricorn is mobbing deep with some major planets, creating a possibility of shakeups in career, structure and old global paradigms. Add some numerology to the mix and you have the Sun and Mercury at 20 degrees within Capricorn while the moon is 20 degrees in Cancer, along with Pluto and Saturn chilling at 22 degrees in Capricorn. Yeah, and it’s officially 2020. Clearly, the vibration of the two in numerology is having its glorious premiere as the main character in this celestial showdown, which means partnerships and unions will be of significant importance. 

This is a lunar eclipse that will force you to find the balance between your feminine (moon) and masculine (Capricorn) energies. Make decisions, but make sure they feel right. Don’t hold back because now is your time to finally create a new path. If you’ve been sitting on something for too long, due to hesitation and pessimism, you can expect Jan. 10th to give you the intuitive fuel needed to act with confidence as Neptune is trine the moon in the sky.  The veil will be thin and you will see through the smoke and mirrors. Act with courage and integrity during this time. What do you need to do in order to bring a better balance to your emotional needs? These are the types of questions this Cancer full moon will dig up from the depths of your shadow soul. Business, health, home, partnerships, romance, and your relationship with yourself are all big themes this lunar event. Get ready to feel your way through logic as you embark on new beginnings. The Universe will help you with the biggest limpia ever come this full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer.

May you manifest wisely.

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