J Balvin Speaks Out About Politics in Colombia

J Balvin


Protests are going on all around the world from Hong Kong to Mexico, and right here at home. If you’re not pissed about something right now, then sorry to say this, my friend, but you are living with your eyes and mind closed. Just yesterday, people all over Latin America took place in a “cacerolazo” — a protest that involves hit pots and pans. According to several reports, people were protesting everything from “endemic economic inequality to violence against indigenous populations.” One of those lending their voice to an important cause worth fighting for is artist J Balvin.

On Nov. 30, J Balvin took part in a concert at the Anastasio Girardot stadium in Medellín, Colombia, that included performers such as Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Prince Royce, and Willy William. Colombia is at the center of several anti-government protests, and J Balvin, who was born in Medellín, could not remain silent on the issues. The reggaeton star voiced his concerns in between his songs.

“I tried to be prudent, and they called me lukewarm,” he said, according to Billboard. “Until I arrived in Medellín, I connected with my land. I listened to people in my barrios… I no longer lack anything, but I once did, and I understand the situation the youth in this country are going through. If they’re marching, it’s because something is not right… We need to be heard.” He added, “I never thought that after being an artist, I would become the voice of the people. And, it’s true, that sometimes we have so much power that we are more listened to than any president… [the country] needs support with education, with health. We are tired of violence.”

Here are six more artists that are also fighting important causes on social media, the stage, and their music.




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