Jenni Rivera Revealed Death Threats Before Fatal Plan Crash

It’s been seven years since Jenni Rivera died tragically in a plane crash in Mexico

Jenni Rivera Death

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It’s been seven years since Jenni Rivera died tragically in a plane crash in Mexico. While people have moved on somewhat, Rivera’s family, friends, and fans are still mourning her loss. Now in a new unaired interview between Rivera and Mexican radio personality Pepe Garza, the singer reveals she feared for her life.

In a YouTube 35-minute video, Garza sat down with two of Rivera’s children — Chiquis and Johnny — and played them an interview that was never intended to be played. Rivera said in the interview that she wanted to share her testimony with Garza in the event that she died. Garza doesn’t disclose why he never shared the conversation until now, though he did say he felt now was the right time.

The interview took place on July 27, 2012. She was killed in a plane crash just five months later. Garza begins the conversation by discussing the dangers that artists face when working in Mexico. Rivera said she travels to Mexico regularly and risks her life by doing so.

“Every weekend, I traveled to Mexico by road,” Rivera said. “It’s a risk that I continue taking, but I do it for the love I have for my fans. That night I asked my husband to stay home with my kids in case something happened.”

Chiquis said that she recalls her mom discussing the dangers of going to Mexico. All they could do at the time was to pray for her safety because her mother would feel obligated to go and work.

Her youngest son, Johnny remembers vaguely hearing about the risks his mom faced, though he does recall continually hearing, “you know where the money is,” in case something did happen to her.

The interview is incredibly riveting as Rivera discusses that the same day she sat down with Garza is the day the FBI informed her and her manager that someone was threatening Rivera. Furthermore, Rivera said the FBI heard that someone in Mexico would attempt to kidnap her while she was there. Rivera, as we know, continued with her appearances and concerts for a couple of more months until her untimely death at 43.

“My career is so important for me,” Rivera said. “I’m a strong woman. No one, not even my team, my family, my friends, no one knows about this, and I want it that way because I don’t want to scare my loved ones. I will continue going to work because I have faith in God that he will get me out of this one.”

Here’s her last interview below.

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