Jennifer Lopez and Diddy Are Back Together Again!

The coronavirus quarantine is undeniably one of the most heartbreaking and astounding times that we have ever lived through

Jennifer Lopez and P diddy

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The coronavirus quarantine is undeniably one of the most heartbreaking and astounding times that we have ever lived through. Among the devastating losses, people worldwide are finding creative ways to stay sane, and Diddy is no exception to the rule.

The entrepreneur and former ’90s rapper made a comeback this weekend by hosting a star-studded dance-a-thon on his Instagram page and raising money for healthcare workers. “We are having the WORLD’S BIGGEST DANCE-A-THON and YOU ARE ALL INVITED!!!! We are raising much-needed money for our healthcare workers in underserved communities around the country!⁣”Diddy wrote. “So lets ALL DANCE TOGETHER and raise money for our healthcare workers to let them know how much we appreciate them!”

Demi Lovato showed up, as did Cardi B, J Balvin, and a slew of others, but one star definitely turned back the clocks. Jennifer Lopez and Puff (as she called him) reunited, and it was as if the time had stopped, and we were all living in a carefree time called the turn of the millennium.

For those of you who were born in the late ’90s, let me tell you about a time when JLo was a fledgling musical artist. She and Diddy (back then, he was known as Puff Daddy) dated around 1999 until 2001. Fast forward to yesterday when the two were back together dancing again, with a slight exception. Alex Rodriguez was there as well. Ugh. ARod was fanboying over Diddy, and JLo backed him up, telling him that ARod loved listening to Puff and Mase back in the day. But let’s move on.

While they were all dancing (all three of them), there was a portion of the dance-at-thon when it was just the two of them. JLo and Diddy began to grooving to Elvis Crespo’s “Luna Llena.” Diddy was salsa dancing, and JLo tells him, “I probably taught you that.” We’re sure she did, and the two were dancing like no one was watching (we didn’t even see ARod at this moment). It was beautiful! JLo was rocking the bun like always, and the gold hoop earrings, so yes, we were back in time. It was a glorious couple of minutes.

Other celebs that showed up to dance with Diddy include LeBron James, DJ Khaled, Burna Boy, Megan Thee Stallion, Kelly Rowland, and model Winnie Harlow.

Now we’re just wondering if the quarantine will bring other couples of yesteryear back together. We can only hope.

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