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Jennifer Lopez Is Outraged Over the Separation of Families

As the ongoing saga regarding the separation of families at the border rages on, people continue to speak out about this incredibly terrible policy that was implemented by the Trump Administration. While people help in various ways like donating to organizations that help these families or by protesting, one thing we’ve been noticing is that Latino celebrities haven’t spoken out against this policy as much as we’d hope. And we’re not the only ones who’ve been noticing our favorite celebs quiet on the topic.

One celebrity isn’t keeping her mouth shut about children who have been separated from their families, THANK GOD! Jennifer Lopez finally said something about the atrocities that have been going on at the border and took to social media to speak her mind.

“The news about the separation of children from their families, I can’t help but think about my own children,” J.Lo writes. “I cannot fathom a world where they would be ripped from my arms, taken to a place no better than a prison far from home. I feel we will never forget this moment in time. Bearing witness to these atrocities and that’s what they are, I can say for sure, remaining silent is not an option.

As a Latino, and as you know very well, a proud Bronx born Puerto Rican American, we and the people of all different races, roots, and culture have enriched this country. But the recent rhetoric and constant dismissal of what we bring to the table has to stop. This is about basic human rights and decency. If you care about children, have concern for the lack of transparency about this disastrous display, in full view to the world in general, I encourage you first to get caught up on the situation.

Next, call your congressperson and demand an answer, but I also want you to remain hopeful—hold fast to hope, faith and Love. We first need to admit we have a problem before we can heal it. We cannot focus on the evil, we must push towards unity and get to a healing place. ITS ALL IN OUR HANDS. Supporting one another in these troubled times, we can remain on the right side of history: the side where children are safe and in their parents arms. Act now, call now, speak now, LOVE now.#familiesbelongtogether #lovenothate.”

Thank you, J.Lo for sharing your feelings and informing others how they can help. We need more celebrities to do follow in your lead.