Jenny69’s First Single “La 69” Goes Viral But Not For the Right Reasons

Having a viral hit isn’t always a positive and Jenny69 is currently riding high on the success of her song “La 69” despite the haters

Jenny69 "La69"

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Having a viral hit isn’t always a positive and Jenny69 is currently riding high on the success of her song “La 69” despite the haters. Born Jennifer Ruiz, the 27-year-old Mexican American influencer based in Riverside, California initially gained her following through her beauty tutorials and fashion content on YouTube, amassing over 1 million subscribers. But at the end of this September she went viral when she teased a clip of her then-upcoming single “La 69” to her 2 million IG followers. Days after being uploaded, Jenny69’s debut corrido spread from Instagram to TikTok, with users trolling the song’s arguably most meme-able lyric: “Soy la 69, soy la chingona que salió de Riverside.” The song is reminiscent of a corrido tumbado but the reactions on social media have parodied the track which, as always, propelled it to the top of some music charts and Youtube.

Since releasing the “La 69” full music video last Friday, the song’s popularity only accelerated and with that came the down votes on Youtube – more than 257,000 as opposed to the 65,000 up votes it’s received since this morning. Hundreds of TikTok users created videos with audio of the song in the background making fun of the lyrics, instrumentals, and auto-tuned vocals. On Twitter and Instagram, Mexican-Americans in other states like Texas were the first to take shots at Mexican-Americans in Jenny 69’s home state.


milking it more 🤣🤣🤣 #soyla69

♬ La 69 – Jenny69

“When ever Mexicans that live in California say Mexicans from Texas are weird… I’m just gonna remind them about jenny69,”  wrote one person on Twitter.

Within California, reactions were wide-ranging but all in a fun and comedic spirit. Angelenos teased their Riverside neighbors, who then made memes either distancing themselves from the city and Jenny69 or joining in on the joke.

But as is the way with social media, the discourse only seems to be helping “La 69”’s performance on the charts. For most of this week, the music video remained on YouTube’s trending page and, as of today, now sits at a cool 4.6 million views. On Spotify, it has almost 400,000 plays and was recognized as one of the 25 most played songs in Los Angeles on Apple Music. It’s also worth noting that it was released by the Lumbre Music group, the record label founded by famed corrido frontmen Alexander Guerra and Ramón Ruiz of Legado 7.

However, the mixed reactions don’t seem to be bothering Jenny69 who celebrated the views and rankings shortly after the release. “From a Pobrecita To a Bad Bitch🌹 Muchas Gracias por todo el apoyo y los posts que han subido con mi canción💯 Esto Nomas es el comienzo,” she wrote in a caption on Instagram

The track’s success and meme fame have clearly only fueled her drive which means we can expect more music from the self-proclaimed buchona. Whether you love it or hate it, we want to recognize Jenny’s foray into music with her first song already reaching levels of success long-time musicians aspire to, she’s definitely getting the last laugh here. She might not reach the same level of success (let’s not forget the one-hit wonder/meme hit “Friday” from Rebecca Black) but she’ll always have “La 69” – and we’ll remember it always through the memes if not the actual song itself.

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