7 Ways Jesse and Joy Are Fighting For Latinx Rights

On Wednesday, September 12th Mexican-American singers Jesse and Joy were honored with the Vision Award presented by Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Awards in DC

Photo: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Photo: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

On Wednesday, September 12th Mexican-American singers Jesse and Joy were honored with the Vision Award presented by Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Awards in DC. The brother and sister duo have become committed to supporting causes and organizations that fight for immigrant rights and Latinos in the U.S. They recently embarked on an acoustic series called “Electrify The Vote,” that will be taking place in California, Texas, and Arizona. The mission behind it is to encourage Latinos of all ages and background to make it out to the ballots this November for the midterm elections. Tickets officially went on sale today. 

The purpose behind the acoustic series is to encourage Latinos to not only use their voices to bring attention to issues that are affecting marginalized communities such as Latinos, immigrants, Black Americans, Muslim Americans, women, the LGBTQIA community and more but also to get them to vote. Jesse and Joy also believe that this year’s midterm elections are going to be especially important for Latinos. Here are a few ways these two are working as advocates for Latinx rights!


Their Electrify The Vote series is encouraging people to vote.


“Last elections 12 million votes came from Latino people and we have 12 more million possible voters and I think we basically have an amazing opportunity to raise our voice and be responsible also,” Joy told HipLatina at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Awards red carpet. “It’s very important to remind people that they need to register to vote because that’s very important. And we’re going to do a series of events [as part of the Electrify The Vote series], well intimate presentations, in Arizona, California and Texas on October 23rd and what we want to do is use music as an excuse to gather people, talk a little bit and really just use music.” The two also have some ideas on how we can help encourage our youth to vote and get involved in politics. “I think it’s amazing that lately more than ever it’s kind of something that’s so around us with all the hatred that’s been going around that I think that makes us feel a responsibility that we already have. I think that out of something so ugly like that, something so beautiful is coming out of it because it’s making us feel more united but at the same time know how much we can achieve together and I think that’s what’s so important. To also focus on the good things that we achieve together as a unity and to know as a community we have so much power. That we need to use that for good,” she adds. “And I think also sharing each other’s achievement because the more we can change the narrative and show a little bit about our culture, our success and what Latinos bring to the world, we can also change the way of thinking for a lot of people,” says Jesse.


They support LGBTQIA rights.

The two proudly performed during a pride parade this year and showed their love and support for both the community as well as to Mexico.


They bring awareness to issues happening around Latin America.

Jesse and Joy are constantly highlighting important issues that are happening in Latin American countries like the volcano eruption that happened this year in Guatemala. 


They push for fair immigration reform.

The brother sister musical duo are constantly using their voices to bring awareness to issues that are affecting immigrants and Latinos in the states and have been very vocal about the families that were being separated at the border.


They have helped areas affected by recent natural disasters.

Jesse and Joy teamed up with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and others in a project called #somosunavoz to help people affected by Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria and the natural disasters that hit states like Florida and Texas.


They helped raise money to help Mexico.

The two teamed up with other celebs to raise money to help Mexico last September after a devastating earthquake hit destroying cities and killing hundreds.


They aren’t afraid to physically help out.

Not only did they raise money to help Mexico, but Jesse and Joy also went to Mexico to physically help people. They brought water and food to those in need and more.

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