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John Leguizamo’s Broadway Show Latin History for Morons Is Coming To Netflix

If you’ve seen John Leguizamo’s latest stage show earlier this year, Latin History for Morons—you’d understand why this brilliant performance sold out like crazy at New York’s Public Theater. In fact, it was so good—now everyone can watch it because it’s officially coming to Netflix. How dope is that?

Netflix will be filming the show during it’s upcoming performance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), June 28th-30th, 2018. There’s no official date for when it will be released on Netflix but I’d imagine it will probably happen some time soon.

Considering how well the stage show did, I’m not remotely surprised by the demand to have it stream on Netflix. Not only did it sell out like hot cakes in New York but the show also received a Tony nomination this year for Best Play on Broadway. Leguizamo even received a special Tony award for bringing Latino stories to Broadway.

I loved this show so much, I was bummed out when I couldn’t get more of my Latino friends and family to go watch it. I’m thrilled to know it will be hitting Netflixs soon—making it accessible to everyone. Not only was this show hilarious but it gave a voice while also empowering our community.