John Leguizamo Collabs With La Borinqueña Creator for New Comic Book

It was only a matter of time

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Art by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

It was only a matter of time. The inevitable has happened. John Leguizamo is now a superhero. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Seriously. Is there anything in the world this man cannot do? As a showbiz veteran he has done it all, but what makes Leguizamo stand out among the rest of the thespians is that he is our advocate. He’s a fighter for the Latinx community and his work is representative of that. Naturally, Leguizamo would be converted into a fictional superhero, but let’s be real, he is one in real life too.

The project has been in the works for the past two years. Back in 2017, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, creator of La Borinqueña, said he was working on a project with Leguizamo, and now it’s finally here! Miranda-Rodriguez announced on Twitter his big collaboration with Leguizamo. “Proud to announce my next project with @JohnLeguizamo: #PHENOMX!!! Created by John and designed by me! Shout out to my team of artists Jim Muñiz, Chris Batista, @JoseMarzan @Juan7Fernandez @EMannLand @DexstarInks!” The comic book is, indeed, titled “Phenomx,” and as of now it is living on a crowdfunded site and it needs your contribution!

Here’s a synopsis of the story:

“Years ago, the Metamorphosis Project was an illegal experimental drug trial done by the US government to try to “rehabilitate criminals.” It was a failure… or so everyone thought. In present-day New York City, radiation levels are on the rise, and police reports of super-powered humans running through the streets are hard to ignore.

Meanwhile, Max Gomez is finally about to be released from prison with a second chance at life and fatherhood. But with growing concerns about re-entering the outside world as an ex-con, Max doesn’t know where to turn. That is until he’s approached by Agent Potter, a former partner of Max’s deceased brother Mark. Potter presents him with an opportunity: a chance to become something greater than he thought possible. Max is enlisted to join a new and improved government trial, to fight fire with fire, and capture the ‘failed experiments’ running free in New York.

Max gains fantastic abilities, but he still feels like a prisoner. Secrets are still being kept from him, and his target grows stronger every moment. Watch Max as he learns that he’s more than just a statistic… he’s more than just an ex-convict… he’s more than a phenomenon… he’s PhenomX.”

It sounds like a very plausible story and an exciting one at that.

Leguizamo took to social media to discuss his new project and tells his supporters, “we’re going to be entrepreneurs together.” Leguizamo says he’s always been a fan of comics books, “but there’s no Latin people!” and then adds, “being Latin is a superpower, yo!”

Can we make that into a shirt, please? Click here for more information, and how you can get involved.

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