John Leguizamo Is Calling Abuelas, El Chismoso, and Everyone Urging Them to Vote!

True to form, John Leguizamo isn’t all talk

Photo: Instagram/johnleguizamo

Photo: Instagram/johnleguizamo

True to form, John Leguizamo isn’t all talk. Well, sometimes he is. Yes, he gets political, and yes, he is funny. But he isn’t all about political jokes, he actually puts the work in.

Leguizamo teamed up with Working Families Party and We Stand United to star in a new Latinx voting commercial to make sure everyone will vote on November 6. And yes, it’s funny as hell.

We love how real he is in this PSA! He’s like get your abuela, el chismoso from down the street, el come mierda, to go out and vote! Leguizamo also informs people on the issues that affect us like medicare for all, a living wage, and economic prosperity. He also educates potential voters on democratic candidates from various states that are running in this midterm election.

He ends by saying: “Vote like your lives depended on it!”

And we couldn’t agree more. As he says in the PSA, there’s 29 million Latinx voters out there and they all need to be encouraged to vote.

“Next Tuesday is a chance for Latinx voters to stand up and show our power by electing progressive champions who will defend our communities and fight for policies like Medicare for All and good public schools,” said Working Families Party Organizing Director Nelini Stamp in a press release. “Together, we can build a country that works for the many, not just the few.”

People on social media are pretty stoked to know that Leguizamo might be calling them right now.

“Me da algo if I were to get a call from JL!” Joanna Palmer said on Twitter. “I guess I’m going to have to start answering those phone numbers I don’t know!”

“My mother is 87 years old,” Gloria Lopez said on Twitter. “This election will be her second time to vote. She is so excited and can’t stop talking about it!”

Now that’s the spirit.

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