HipLatina Biden Campaign Livestream
Photo: Women for Biden/Todos Con Biden
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Join the Biden Campaign and Latino Victory Fund in Celebrating the Political Power of Latina Women

On Thursday, September 17, Women for Biden and Todos con Biden — in partnership with Latino Victory Fund — will host a Hispanic Heritage Month event celebrating the political power of Latinas. The event, which will be moderated by Latino Victory Fund President and CEO Nathalie Rayes, will feature political strategist Ana Navarro-Cárdenas and Nevada State Senator Yvanna Cancela, the first Latina elected to that chamber.

The speakers will discuss what’s at stake for Latinas in this election and the Biden-Harris agenda for the Latino community. The event will be livestreamed by HipLatina, which is dedicated to empowering Latinas and highlighting the diversity of the U.S. Latina experience. We will begin the livestream on the HipLatina Facebook page at 7:00 PM EST tonight and anyone who wants to join can RSVP HERE.

Event moderator Nathalie Rayes, President & CEO Latino Victory Fund, said:
“Latinas are a powerful force in our community – we’re leaders, organizers, entrepreneurs, mothers, and activists. Latinas will vote for Vice President Biden because we want a president who will fight for issues that matter to us, including equal pay, health care, education, job opportunities, and reproductive rights. In this election, Latinas will drive the Latino community’s vote, and we’re fired up and ready to mobilize to send Vice President Biden and Senator Harris to the White House.”

“We have seen so many movements for change led by Latinas, and this campaign is no different,” adds Mariel Saez, Women’s Media Director of Biden for President. “Latinas are standing with Vice President Biden and Senator Harris because they have put forward a vision to build America back better for the Latinx community. We’re proud to host this event on Wednesday to celebrate Latinas who are leaning into their political power and advocating for change and a better future for their families and communities. They are key partners in spreading our message and turning out the Latinx vote ahead of Election Day.” 

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