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José José Dies at 71 After Succumbing to Pancreatic Cancer

More than three years after José José was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the legendary Mexican singer succumbed to his death at the age of 71. The Mexican-born singer passed away in Miami on September 28. Fans and fellow artists mourned the singer over the weekend. His children gathered in Miami; however, there were some inconsistencies over the whereabouts of his remains. There is no information as of yet about a memorial for the singer.

José José last tweeted in June saying, “Dear family, Thank you for your support and for your prayers. I am very well thanks to God. I’m continuing with my therapies to get better soon, and we will see each other, thanks for everything, a hug and a thousand blessings to all.”

Known as “El Príncipe de la Canción,” José José was born José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz on February 17, 1948. José José had an incredible music career that also carried the strain of alcoholism and drugs. Toward the end of his career, his substance abuse affected his live performances. He was the recipient of several awards including multiple Grammy awards.

Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his sorrow for the death of the singer saying, “It is very unfortunate. He was an extraordinary singer of an era who, with his songs, his romanticism, made many of my generation cry and be happy; It is unfortunate,” López Obrador said. “The best tribute is to remember him and keep listening to his songs.”

Choosing a favorite song from his extensive catalog is tough. José José has a slew of incredible ballads including “El Triste,” “La nave del olvido,” “Lágrimas,” “Llora Corazón” and more.

Other celebrities expressed their feelings about José José’s on social media, including Daddy Yankee, who tweeted, “Forever respect. Rest in peace José José.”

Singer/songwriter Ricardo Arjona wrote on Instagram, “The last time I saw him, José was in the audience in Miami, at the American Airlines concert. I took the guitar to sing a couple of his songs. The best performer I’ve met and a nobleman. Hugs to his family and his followers. You will recover the miracle of your voice wherever you are. ”

Another singer/songwriter, Natalia Jiménez wrote on Instagram, “Deeply regretting the death of the grand José José who enlightened us in life with his voice and his wonderful and unforgettable songs that will last in the history of music and in our hearts. Rest in peace.”

José José leaves behind five children and his wife Sara Salazar.